2023 MEI Awards Final Evaluation Successfully Held

NANJING, China, Nov. 30, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — The recently concluded 2023 MEI Awards Final Evaluation in Nanjing unveiled a range of remarkable innovations. After multiple rounds of rigorous evaluations by the jury, 12 Gold Awards, 24 Silver Awards, 3 Best Innovation Concept Awards, along with several Selected Awards and Enterprise Awards were finally revealed.

The 2023 MEI Awards, hosted by Made-in-China.com, officially started in May of this year and received 7,913 entries, maintaining a consistently high level of participation. All participating products were initially evaluated by Xiaomi and industrial design professionals as well as students from four universities. Out of the vast pool of entries, a total of 617 products were selected to the final evaluation.

Innovation is meeting the needs of the market.

At the final evaluation site, the jury consisted of representatives from international testing and certification agencies, global buyers, university professors, industrial design experts and manufacturing enterprises, assessed the participating products from various dimensions such as quality, innovation, eco-friendliness, human-computer interaction, safety compliance, and aesthetic effect.

This year marks the 13th successful year of the MEI Awards. Professor Liu Guanzhong from the Academy of Arts and Design of Tsinghua University, the tenured chairman of MEI Awards jury, stated that the MEI Awards has developed into a comprehensive and in-depth evaluation of industrial level, and ultimately selects high-quality products that truly represent the level of “Made-in-China“.

Mr. Ben Z. Orenstein, representing international buyers, joined the final evaluation jury for the first time. “Chinese-made products are very innovative. Innovation does not necessarily refer to groundbreaking technology, it also includes meeting customer needs. I believe that Chinese manufacturing is learning to compete with world-class companies. Not only are the prices affordable but they also provide high-quality innovative services that are worth the money,” he said.

Green, intelligent, and high-end, showing the beauty of Made-in-China

To achieve the global goal of ‘Carbon Peaking and Carbon Neutrality’ and lead the comprehensive green transformation of Chinese manufacturing, MEI Awards closely aligns with the global market and continues to prioritize issues related to new energy and green manufacturing.

The product “Shield – Quick Heating Faucet” from Hangzhou Johe Design Co., Ltd. won the Gold Award in the Construction & Decoration category. The “Shield” adopts the principle of stepless frequency conversion and heat regulation for the first time. It features ultra-high temperature protection, anti-dry burning protection, anti-ice and explosion-proof protection, achieving an energy utilization rate of over 95%. These advantages were unanimously recognized by the jury.

In addition to various innovative consumer goods, there were also various products that reflect the development of the high-end manufacturing industry. The award-winning products, such as the MG Cyberster pure electric convertible sports car, rotary drilling rig, and copper expanded metal mesh for lightning strike protection of aircraft, exemplify the significant strides made by Chinese manufacturing in the “high-end game”.

“The evaluation is just the prologue. We also need to help products that represent the high-quality level of Chinese manufacturing to win a place in the global market,” said Cao Rui, Vice President of Focused Technology Co., Ltd. and Chairman of the MEI Awards Organizing Committee.

To empower Made-in-China products to go global, MEI Awards will continue to expand cooperation and communication with government agencies, domestic and foreign chambers of commerce, higher education institutions, industry exhibitions, and selection events, promoting the connection between industrial design and manufacturing, and ultimately winning more market opportunities for Chinese manufacturing companies on a global scale.

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SOURCE The Manufacturing Excellence & Innovation Awards (MEI Awards)