2Y3X Expanding Globally in 2021

LONDON, June 15, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — 2Y3X, the London, UK-based business accelerator, has expanded globally with the addition of offices in New York City, Santa Barbara, CA, Dubai and Lusaka, Zambia to enable more businesses to grow at scale around the world.

"Businesses that see massive growth over shorter periods tend to be acquired for higher multiples than those which don’t," said Felix Velarde, 2Y3X’s founder and CEO. Velarde recently authored ‘Scale at Speed: How to Triple the Size of Your Business and Build a Superstar Team,‘ published by Little, Brown. "With our expansion into more markets and countries and having the additional geographically-based team members on board with us, 2Y3X will be able to support businesses that want to grow and scale at speed across the world."

Each of the 2Y3X growth acceleration consultants is a heavyweight who has founded, led, and often sold companies themselves. They all understand the stakes with everyone at 2Y3X fundamentally committed to the long-term success of clients’ business outcomes. Historically, almost every company that comes on the 2Y3X journey doubles or triples revenue, with many ending up as market leaders. As a result, many owners on the program sell their company earlier than expected, attracting well-aligned buyers paying premium prices.

Representing 2Y3X on the West Coast in the United States is Jim Sterne, founder of the Marketing Analytics Summit and the Digital Analytics Association. Sterne, who has lectured at MIT, Stanford and Harvard, is the author of twelve books on online marketing and is a customer relationships thought leader. Heading up the East Coast is Silvia Christmann, an executive leadership coach specialising in VCs, start-ups, tech and PE. For founders operating in high-growth, high-pressure environments, Silvia provides clarity and guidance.

In Zambia, the program is led by Mo Lishomwa, a highly experienced digital strategist who has held leadership positions at companies including Yahoo!, BBC, adidas and Saatchi & Saatchi. Mo is also an ambassador for BAME 20:20, an organisation dedicated to supporting newcomers in the communication industry coming from Black, Asian and Minority backgrounds.

In the MENA region, 2Y3X has partnered with founders of advisory firm, Link Advisory, Georges Chakar and Jihad Al Houwayek. Both have extensive experience in the communications and leadership world, with over 20 years combined experience in marketing and hospitality management consulting.

For 2Y3X clients, each regional lead is on hand to guide them towards their two-year goals.

The two-year program is designed around a simple, practical framework that uses proven scientific principles to drive the business team toward ambitious goals. The client’s team will start doing the right things in the right order and become incredibly productive. Customer retention and broader staff engagement will improve. Most of all, the company’s leadership will often find that strategic initiatives undertaken during the 2Y3X program begin to have a lasting impact.

More information is available on the 2Y3X website.

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