51% of U.S. Small Businesses Are Hiring in 2021 Despite Ongoing Effects of Pandemic, Survey Finds

WASHINGTON, Jan. 28, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Small businesses have faced adverse effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, but may be poised for a year of growth. Half of small businesses in the U.S. (51%) are likely to hire new employees in 2021, according to a new survey from The Manifest, the leading resource for B2B buying decisions.

Whether a small business is hiring, however, depends on their revenue projections for 2021.

The survey of 500 small businesses in the U.S. found about two-thirds of small businesses (63%) that predict revenue growth in 2021 plan to hire new employees, versus just 39% of small businesses predicting a decrease in revenue.

Small businesses aren’t betting on positive indicators of recovery when making hiring projections, but instead are relying on their own revenue, growth, and business needs.

Small Businesses Plan to Hire IT, Marketing, Customer Service, and Operations Professionals

Small businesses likely to hire in 2021 are looking for IT, marketing, customer service, and operations support.

One-third of small businesses (35%) hiring in 2021 intend to hire IT staff after a tumultuous business year that required more digital and remote communication and security than previous years.

Small businesses also seek to strengthen their marketing, sales, and customer service operations to set themselves apart as the economy recovers: 31% of small businesses plan to hire marketing and sales professionals, and 29% plan to hire customer service specialists.

About one-quarter of these small businesses (23%) also plan to hire operations professionals to assist in hiring and training employees.

“I want to offer my employees benefits that are competitive and leading in today’s workforce,” said Avner Brodsky, founder and CEO of SuperWatches.com who plans to expand his company’s operations team in 2021. “The pandemic has really shown the importance of prioritizing employees’ wellbeing, and I wish to be at the forefront.”

Small Businesses Rely on Social Media to Hire Employees

Most small businesses (58%) will turn to social media platforms such as LinkedIn to source and vet candidates. With more job seekers on the market than ever before, social media recruiter tools can help small businesses narrow their search for the right hire.

With 27% of small businesses planning to hire 20 or more employees, small businesses need to leverage every recruiting resource available, including staffing companies, HR software, and in-house teams.

Read the full report here: themanifest.com/staffing/small-business-recruiting

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