A National Turning Point: Unprecedented Stakeholder Collaboration Paves Way for New Era in Banking Relationships

The United States Bankers Association announces national outreach campaign to promote CEO Handshake program participation

CLEVELAND, Jan. 26, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Today The United States Bankers Association and leading edge partners, in an industry first, leading initiative came together to launch the CEO Handshake Toolkit & Outreach Campaign to equip USBA member-bankers with the collaborative readiness to explore and adopt a “relationship first” focus, that is embraced in the CEO Handshake program, an essential factor in banking industry transformation.

The program is designed to introduce significant waves of new customers to our banks via strategic partnership with associations, and trade groups. The CEO Handshake program highlights USBA’s powerful national network of bankers supported by high touch personalized service.

“The United States Bankers Association has spent the last year preparing for the CEO Handshake program. This is our most ambitious initiative in the last several years,” says Madou Sylla, a USBA  Advisory Board member. “We are working with some of the nation’s finest associations to serve their members.”   

The USBA has brought together class leading resources from investment banking to customer building programs to support our bank members in a quest to provide solutions to help them compete with large banks. These tools combined with the personal service promise, are the critical dimension to providing a superior business option.

“We have been serving banks and their customers for several years,” says Craig Miller, Chief Executive Officer of Duffy & Duffy Cost Segregation, Inc. “Our cost segregation service partnership with USBA provides a high touch, valuable solution for banks to serve their customers.”

Designed to speed up the integration of mid-market business participation in USBA banking relationships, the CEO Handshake program will blend in-person meetings and online team meet ups, along with comprehensive program resources to:

  • Boost banks’ capacity to serve new business clients through Director of Entrepreneurial Banking certifications, business benchmarking accessibility, and a suite of enhanced tools.
  • Foster synergy among participating bank CEO’s and business leadership and facilitate introductions.
  • Encourage partner companies to escalate their banking expectations, goals, and desires.

“With the conditions in today’s market, business owners are increasingly nervous about financial stability. Interest rates are higher, cost of funds, fuel and operational costs more challenging,” says Michael Davis, Chairman of Partnerships Task Force for IRDAA. “Today more than ever, business customers need an engaged partner with the right resources. In early discussions, our members love the CEO Handshake concept, it delivers on all of those. We are very pleased to participate in the upcoming roll out.”

The United States Bankers Association is a “total” local banking association, yet with reach across the entire country. USBA’s mission is “Empowering Banks – Raising Communities – Partnering With Free Enterprise”. The association’s purpose is to invigorate the banking relationship beyond the status quo, while making a difference. USBA supports multiple leading-edge programs across several stakeholder categories nationwide. Its portfolio of community initiatives includes CEO Handshake, Community Partners, and the Entrepreneurial Hub.

The portfolio of banking initiatives also includes Evolve Resources, Build Strong, and Consumer Connect.  USBA is constantly transforming its portfolio, from supporting stakeholder collaboration to bringing innovative new products to market.

USBA seeks to positively impact people’s lives, communities and ultimately the nation, through empowering and connecting its banks, advancing their clients, fostering free enterprise, building communities, sourcing best practices and facilitating collaboration across the value chain. Together with its banking and vendor partners USBA helping bring economic opportunity to local communities across the country.

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