A Unique Platform for Building Enterprise Data Products: DataOps.live Secures USD $10.3m Seed Funding Round with Anthos Capital and Snowflake Ventures

LONDON, Feb. 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — DataOps.live, a software company dedicated to helping enterprise companies build and lifecycle manage data applications and data products using Snowflake, the Data Cloud company, today announced USD $10.3 million in Seed funding. The round was led by Anthos Capital and supported by Snowflake Ventures.

In a world that has seen digital experiences reshaped and accelerated by the pandemic, DataOps.live is a powerful #TrueDataOps platform available for the Snowflake Data Cloud.

It enables organisations to secure and govern their data, automate testing, orchestrate data pipelines, build full data applications, and so deliver new value to stakeholders: reduce time to insight and accelerate time to value.

DataOps.live customers already include the world’s largest biotech company Roche, and the world’s second biggest satellite operator OneWeb. Numerous projects are currently underway, with a raft of new clients ready to go.

"What makes DataOps different is who we are, as well as what we do, and how we do it," says Justin Mullen, co-founder and CEO. "When people buy into DataOps.live they’re buying into two things. First, the genius of our tech team and their deep technical expertise on Snowflake, led by our CTO, co-founder and ‘Snowflake Data Superhero’ Guy Adams. And second, my absolute commitment to deliver, to make our customers successful, and to enjoy that journey with them. We’re well known for doing whatever it takes to enable our client to be successful – no ifs and buts."

Mullen adds, "We’re delighted to receive this investment from Anthos Capital and Snowflake Ventures. It signals the start of the next stage in our journey, and will see us continue building our presence in North America and Europe. It’s always about people, no matter how fantastic your technology is, and doing the right thing to drive success for customers—whatever that success looks like."

Snowflake quote:

"DataOps.live enables organizations to build, test and deploy Snowflake products and applications, the same way they do software applications. They increase speed of development and accelerate adoption, while maintaining governance and security", said Stefan Williams, Head of Corporate Development and Snowflake Ventures. "By expanding our partnership with DataOps.live, we offer joint customers the ability to collaborate with confidence inside their organizations and beyond. We look forward to supporting the DataOps.live team through the next stages of their growth."

Roche Diagnostics, part of multinational healthcare company Roche, recently implemented DataOps.live to better support developers in decentralised domain teams to build data products using Snowflake via a revolutionary data mesh architecture. "We want to be a truly data-driven company and DataOps.live is helping on that journey," says Omar Khawaja, Global Head of Business Intelligence. "DataOps.live provides a full end-to-end orchestration experience to enable domain agility: Data product teams across data domains can build and adapt data products faster, and more effectively, but without compromising on data governance and security, and applying tried & tested software engineering best practices to data & analytics."

"The DataOps.live team has been amazing on the enablement side and strong collaboration has helped in successful adoption. They made sure all end users are completely capable." adds Paul Rankin, Head of Data Platforms, Roche Diagnostics.

DataOps.live enables enterprises to automate the building and rebuilding of Snowflake products, orchestrate end-to-end data pipelines, and observe and monitor the quality of data flowing through those pipelines. It enables you to build, test and deploy Snowflake data products and data applications the same way as software applications, increasing speed of development and accelerating adoption with no loss of governance, control or security. From data ingestion through data processing and modelling to publishing pipeline metadata to data catalogs, DataOps.live orchestrates and tracks everything, enabling data product development teams to operate at speed concurrently.

Guy Adams of DataOps.live adds, "We had already forged a strong partner relationship with Snowflake, enabling us to provide immediate support for the latest capabilities such as Snowpark, Java UDFs, and governance accelerated as soon as they are released. We are now delighted to become a Snowflake Ventures portfolio company to further drive the growth of industry-leading data applications and data products on the Snowflake Data Cloud."

About DataOps.live 

Born out of nearly a decade of professional services and hundreds of successful data projects, DataOps.live was built to meet the real-life needs of modern, data-driven companies using Snowflake. DataOps.live removes the need for enterprises to balance governance and agility, delivering fundamental improvements in both. The platform brings agile DevOps automation (#TrueDataOps) and IoT data compression to the Snowflake cloud data platform.

DataOps.live is a single platform for 100% of an organisation’s DataOps lifecycle needs around Snowflake. It provides full Snowflake environment management, end-to-end orchestration, CI/CD, automated data regression testing, pipeline observability and release management wrapped in an elegant but powerful user interface. Faster development, parallel collaboration, increased efficiencies, reduced costs, data assurance, simplified orchestration and full data product lifecycle management are the result. 

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