Access Ready is Asking, “Why Don’t Americans with Disabilities Vote in Higher Numbers?”

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla., May 1, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — If they did, then they would choose local, state and national leaders based on the size of the disability community as the largest minority in America. Is it apathy about the entire political process? Only voting will change things.

Is it a failure of the voter to understand how elections can affect disability rights and programs? If so, this is an indictment of our education system. Is it the failure of candidates and the media to address disability issues at the same level of fervor as other minority concerns? If so, this can be resolved by getting engaged and demanding answers and coverage.

Is it a misunderstanding of disability issues by the voter? Like all concerns, disability issues are personal to voters with disabilities, so many may not know the issues that affect others.

Yes, Access Ready believes it is most likely all of the above to some degree. This can only be overcome by strategic engagement at all levels. Access Ready is challenging the disability community to get more involved through local, state and national efforts.

“Letting someone else worry about it is no longer an option. If people with disabilities want to keep their rights, benefits and the possibility of a comparable standard of living then they need to get involved,” said Doug Towne Chair and CEO of Access Ready.

“They need to be overtly and visibly engaged in civic life.”

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Access Ready
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SOURCE Access Ready Inc.