Active Cyber Hires Mark Stanger to Launch ServiceNow Practice as Part of Their Strategic Shift

DALLAS, Jan. 23, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Active Cyber, a prominent player in technology implementation, announces a strategic shift towards becoming a Specialized Global Boutique. The focus is on delivering comprehensive advisory and implementation services for leading cloud architectures, including Okta, Workday, and the latest addition, ServiceNow.

This transformative move aims to create a dynamic platform catering to the unique needs of customers, employees, and software partners navigating these industry-leading platforms. In a landscape where cloud offerings often overlap, customers seek tailored solutions and advice on efficiently adopting these platforms, aligning seamlessly with their existing or upcoming workflows.

The inclusion of ServiceNow is a pivotal element in this strategic shift, complementing Active Cyber’s specialization in other leading platforms – Workday for finance and HR, and Okta, SailPoint, and Microsoft for Cyber Identity/Governance.

Mark Stanger, ServiceNow® employee #46, and the original founder of, CrossFuze, and Exel, steps back into action to lead the practice at Active Cyber as Vice President.

Mark’s legacy traces back to the genesis of ServiceNow, where he played a pivotal role in its development. As an experienced innovator, Mark has been recognized as a Community MVP for his contributions to the ServiceNow community on multiple occasions.

In addition to his consulting work, Mark has made significant contributions to the ServiceNow ecosystem, including the complete rebuild of the ‘NowLearning’ platform. His efforts have had a profound impact on the learning needs of over a million ServiceNow professionals worldwide.

Active Cyber is confident that under Mark Stanger’s leadership, the company will deliver market-leading solutions that transcend any single cloud platform.

Jacob Andersen, Founder, Exel Solution, expresses his confidence: “Mark Stanger is one of the world’s most respected names in the ServiceNow ecosystem. That reputation is well-earned as he’s excelled in every ServiceNow role imaginable. Active Cyber is no doubt destined to be the next big thing in the ServiceNow services space under his leadership.”

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to share news about our expanded practices and critical hires that will drive innovation.

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