A&G and Onyx Clarify Details of Real Estate Sale Involving Developer StoryBuilt

AUSTIN, Texas, Oct. 13, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — A&G Real Estate Partners and Onyx Asset Advisors are clarifying a press release from October 9, 2023, to clarify the interests being sold related to developer StoryBuilt. In addition to the 12 projects solely owned by StoryBuilt, A&G Real Estate Partners and Onyx Asset Advisors are also marketing minority positions in 16 properties.  All sales of these minority positions are subject to the approval of the majority partner, investor, or lender in these properties. The majority stakes in the properties themselves are currently not for sale.

Only Storybuilt’s minority position is being offered for sale, subject to the approval of the majority partner, investor, or lender, in the following Properties):

  • Seattle: Scout, Stanley, Josephine, Beacon Hill, Morgan Junction
  • Austin: Thornton Flats, Frank North and South, Longview, Polaris, Ellie May, George
  • Dallas: Jolene
  • Denver: Archie, Judy

The other 12 StoryBuilt assets do not involve a majority-interest joint venture partner and are available in their entirety or separately with an operating team to manage completion. They include:

  • Fully complete multifamily residential and mixed-use projects that are already generating millions of dollars in net operating income.
  • Partially or nearly complete commercial and residential projects.
  • Land parcels in various stages of approval.

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SOURCE A&G Real Estate Partners