Americase Unveils Innovative Li-Ion Battery Transport & Thermal Containment Cart for Superior Safety and Efficiency

New solution simplifies safe and efficient transport and handling of li-ion battery inventory across facilities while enabling rapid response for DDR battery containment

WAXAHACHIE, Texas, April 2, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Americase, a leading manufacturer of protective containers for hazmat and high value goods, announces the addition of the Li-Ion Battery Transport & Thermal Containment Cart to its array of thermal containment solutions. Custom designed to meet customer needs, this state-of-the-art cart streamlines the movement of lithium-ion batteries while effectively addressing the critical need for safe containment and transport of DDR batteries.

Acknowledging the increasing integration of li-ion batteries across various industries, Americase has engineered a solution that not only simplifies the movement of battery inventories but also doubles as an emergency response cart. In the event of an accidental drop or mishandling of a battery, the cart features a removable thermal containment/DDR battery case located at its base for rapid response and containment, ensuring unparalleled safety and compliance.

The U.S. Department of Transportation has recognized the innovation and utility of the DDR battery case, awarding Americase a special DOT permit (SP16011), enabling the safe and compliant transportation of DDR batteries to OEMs, recyclers, or labs for analysis, setting new standards in battery logistics.

Key features of the Li-Ion Battery Transport & Thermal Containment Cart include customizable dimensions and capacities to meet specific industry and customer needs, durable aluminum construction, locking lead casters for maneuverability, non-slip shelves at ergonomic heights, and an open design for easy inspection. The DDR Battery Case, pivotal to the design, features a unique suitcase-type structure with proprietary thermal containment material, eliminating the need for chemical handling and ensuring quick placement and containment of a DDR battery.

Robby Kinsala, Americase CEO, remarked, “Our new Li-Ion Battery Transport & Thermal Containment Cart embodies our commitment to innovation, safety, and environmental responsibility.”

Chris Egloff, Americase VP of Sales, Lithium and Hazmat Division, added, “The new cart is designed to meet the growing needs of businesses in a sustainable and efficient way. We are proud to offer a product that not only enhances operational efficiency but significantly mitigates risk in handling and transporting lithium-ion batteries.”

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