Amusement Parks, Stadiums, Cruise Lines, and More: Easy Wearable Wristband HandiGuru Keeps Hand Sanitizer More Accessible than Ever

SANTA BARBARA, Calif., March 10, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — With the opening date of April 1 for many of our favorite venues, the top priority is not just getting back to the fun but making sure that attendees feel safe. HandiGuru will do just that. HandiGuru is a wristband and refillable dispenser that carries a day’s supply of hand sanitizer to easily squirt on your hands with the press of a finger. Customers will feel protected knowing that clean hands are merely at the touch of a wristband, and the stylish bands can be custom-branded with your logo.

“Constantly looking for hand sanitizer – and taking it with you – is not easy,” says Founder Benjamin Anderson, a Santa Barbara-area innovator and artist, “As larger venues open up, the public wants to know they are safe and protected from germy hands at all times. HandiGuru does that.”

After months of research, Anderson came up with a solution for easy-to-access hand sanitizer with the specially designed wearable sanitizer band. Not only can the wristband dispense 15 – 20 healthy squirts of sanitizer (15ml), but also sunscreen, bug/mosquito repellent gel, and more, it also comes with a refillable bottle for easy on the go refills. Whether it’s sunscreen for a day at the pool or bug repellant for a day of adventure, the liquid of choice is at your fingertips anytime, anywhere. HandiGuru does not need to be taken off to be refilled, and there are no plugs to lose. HandiGuru comes with a special refillable bottle and tip kit.

Stylish and comfortable for adults, teens, and kids, the streamlined HandiGuru design comes with 11 custom colors and fun color combinations, including “Camouflage,” “Cotton Candy,” “Glow in the Dark,” and “80’s Neon Yellow.” HandiGuru can always be custom-designed to fit your needs and custom-branded for your venue, subject to minimum order quantities, email

Guard yourself and your loved ones when you leave home and stay safe with the¬†HandiGuru on-the-go refillable wrist-bands. HandiGuru holds a day’s supply of sanitizer (15ml), sunscreen, bug/mosquito repellent gel, and more. HandiGuru comes as a Refillable Silicone Wristband Kit and is Hypo-Allergenic, and FDA Approved. Check it out at

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