Animal-Free Dairy Innovator, Brave Robot Ice Cream, Now Available in 5,000 Stores in Just Seven Months

LOS ANGELES, Feb. 4, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Brave Robot, launched by The Urgent Company in July 2020, is expanding rapidly to provide affordable access to animal-free dairy nationwide. The brand came to the market with regional distributors last year and, true to its name, has been quickly partnering with new retailers who are eager to offer their customers this sustainable innovation: animal-free dairy ice cream with the taste and texture of traditional dairy ice cream, but less impact on the earth. 

“The opportunity to pioneer a new food category doesn’t happen too often, and now 5,000 retail stores are with us. It shows that this is what America has been urgently waiting for. No more eating plants for dessert, no more milk from factory farms needed. Dairy alternative ice creams always miss the mark on taste, and today’s consumer is hungry for better options. We see Brave Robot Ice Cream as an integral part of the solution,” says Paul Kollesoff, General Manager & Co-Founder of The Urgent Company.

Brave Robot uses non-animal whey protein made by partner Perfect Day that is molecularly identical to whey from cow’s milk, except it is made through fermentation. This process means using less land, less water, and less greenhouse gas emissions to create animal-free dairy ice cream that is not like dairy, it is dairy – just without the cows. 

By Earth Day of 2021, Brave Robot Ice Cream will be in over 5,000 stores across the country, a 1500% increase from the fall of 2020, at an SRP of $5.99

“Accessibility was a key component of our plan for this ice cream. We want to democratize new dairy. Not only are we championing consumer activism with this science-forward, better-for-the-planet product, but we’re making sure it’s at a price point that that’s accessible for all,” said Kollesoff.

With the largest expansion of food tech in dairy to date, traditional grocers Kroger (and eight of its banners), Harris Teeter, Albertsons/Safeway, Stop & Shop, and Shoprite are expanding their sets to make room for animal-free dairy ice cream. And it is not just traditional grocery that is coming on board — natural leaders Sprouts, Harmons, New Seasons, Fresh Thyme, Earth Fare, and more will have Brave Robot on shelf this spring, betting on their customers’ demand for sustainable options.

“Retailer excitement for Brave Robot highlights the growing demand by shoppers for items that are better for them, and better for the planet too,” says VP of Marketing, Jon Spear. “Brave Robot retail support efforts will emphasize that small changes can have a big impact. Knowing people eat ice cream for pleasure and joy, and since Brave Robot wins on taste, we like to call it a ‘Feel Good, Do Good,’ food. We want to encourage people to reduce their environmental impact, and our ice cream is an easy (delicious) first step.” 

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SOURCE The Urgent Company