Arizona Company Uses the Sun and Zero_Point Energy to Reduce the Cost of Making Green Hydrogen from Water

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., Feb. 2, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — United Energies Development Corporation, a wholesale industrial retail gas producer and alternative energy company, today announced it has finally broken the cost barrier to making “Green” Hydrogen from electrolyzing water. This will be the only Hydrogen generation company in the World using this process. United Energies Development Corporation is constructing the patented Photovoltaic and Electrolyzer hybrid facility using classified technology originally designed for NASA. This patented and secured method for making “Green” Hydrogen and Oxygen gas in large scale from groundwater and sunlight is the next stage in the evolution of the Hydrogen industry.

Denis Luz, CEO, explains their mission statement, “We are a Hydrogen generation company, which other people do, but it is our process that separates us from our competition. Most commonly Hydrogen is made from Natural gas, but it is costly, dirty, and it is filled with Sulfur that contaminates fuel cells. Instead, we start with ultra-pure water, turning it into 99.9998% pure Hydrogen and Oxygen gas using specialized equipment and a large Photo-Voltaic Array. Today all Hydrogen comes into Arizona by tanker or rail from California, where the nearest Hydrogen generation facilities are located. We are able to eliminate that transport cost, bringing H2 production costs to $1.33 Kg/H2 at an electricity cost of $.05 kWh. Our equipment uses only 1.2 MW/hr to make 1,077 Kg/H2 a day.  No other companies’ technology come close, especially the PEM systems that use large power to pressurize the water.”

Our Process

United Energies will be the only plant using this equipment with patented technology, that weakens the molecular bond of water before splitting it. By reducing the energy of the water itself to near Zero, an electrical charge can separate it with lower input power, utilizing alternative sources such as wind, tidal, or in this case solar, lowering the cost of production.  United Energies will store both solar and off-peak electricity at night, and sell it back to the utility when it is required by regulatory agencies or when they are being strained to capacity.

About United Energies Development Corporation

United Energies Development Corporation is an industrial and retail gas producer utilizing revolutionary methods for producing Hydrogen and Oxygen gas by combining solar electricity and groundwater with alkaline electrolysis Zero-point energy process. We harness the natural resources that go underutilized, and capitalize on their availability to produce valuable commodities with lowered production costs. By providing a clean fuel alternative that offers long range, our goal is to fuel the 1.4 billion or more cars and trucks running on gasoline and Diesel in the world, polluting our planet.

Press Contact

Anthony Collura, United Energies Development Corp.

SOURCE United Energies Development Corporation

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