Armbrust American Donates 50,000 Masks for West Coast Wildfire Victims

AUSTIN, Texas, Sept. 25, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — With an unprecedented number of wildfires blazing along the west coast, American manufacturing company Armbrust American has donated more than 50,000 of its FDA-registered surgical masks to victims in the affected areas.

The same portion of the population that’s at highest risk for COVID-19 are also most vulnerable to poor air quality caused by smoke from wildfires. However, health officials warn that anyone breathing in the microscopic dust and ash particles in the air may suffer from chest pain, arrhythmia, and bronchitis.

Fortunately, quality PPE can provide some protection to those with serious conditions, in addition to preventing the spread of coronavirus. Armbrust surgical masks have ASTM Level 2 certification, having passed extensive testing for breathability, fluid penetration, bacterial filtration, particle filtration, flammability, and sensitivity.

“The tragedy of the wildfires polluting air quality only highlights our mission to return strategic manufacturing back to the U.S.,” said Armbrust American CEO and founder Lloyd Armbrust.

“Our country is still suffering from a shortage of surgical masks to fight the pandemic, which is why it’s so important to make these goods domestically — so we can provide them to those who need them.”

Victims of west coast wildfires in California, Oregon, and Washington can still request a supply of FDA-registered surgical masks via an online website available HERE. Additionally, anyone can purchase and donate a pack of masks through Armbrust American’s website HERE.

About Armbrust American
Armbrust American’s mission is to bring strategic manufacturing back to the U.S. Founded in 2020 by Y-Combinator alumni Lloyd Armbrust, the company currently operates a factory out of Austin, Texas utilizing proprietary mix of materials and manufacturing innovation to provide the highest quality PPE at a competitive cost. Lloyd was previously the founder and CEO of OwnLocal, a company that automates production for 3,500 newspapers worldwide.

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