As Expected CALLAHEAD Corporation Goes Above and Beyond Throughout the COVID-19 Pandemic Emergency for the Safety of the American Public

NEW YORK, March 10, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Nearly a year ago, COVID-19 shook the American people and the entire planet with fear and uncertainty for their health and safety. CALLAHEAD Corporation, New York’s oldest and largest portable sanitation company, without hesitation went into overdrive to provide the safety equipment New Yorkers desperately needed. With 250 employees and 125 trucks running 24 hours a day, CALLAHEAD has been working above and beyond throughout the entire Coronavirus pandemic for the American people’s health and safety. The rapidity of innovative responses to the COVID-19 crisis by CALLAHEAD has been extraordinary.

CALLAHEAD has been in business since 1976, delivering innovative solutions to ensure a healthy and sanitary environment making CALLAHEAD a healthcare company. 80% of all COVID sites, including COVID-19 testing locations, hospitals, and other medical facilities, rented CALLAHEAD portable sanitation equipment to ensure hospital-grade sanitary conditions. Because CALLAHEAD has many inventions by their President and CEO, Charles W. Howard, it is understandable for CALLAHEAD to be the go-to company during the coronavirus crisis or any emergency and disaster situation. 

At the very start of the pandemic, CALLAHEAD began manufacturing thousands of antiseptic stands around the clock to fill the emergency need for antibacterial gels to safeguard healthcare workers, first responders, and the public from spreading the virus. When there was a significant shortage of antiseptic gel, CALLAHEAD began manufacturing thousands of antiseptic gel refills. Rather than telling customers, we cannot fill their emergency needs. CALLAHEAD got to work designing, manufacturing, and developing equipment and solutions to ease fear, protect society, and fulfill the demand. CALLAHEAD employees have been working overtime to provide same-day delivery to accommodate the emergency orders for the desperately needed portable sanitation equipment.

Portable antibacterial stands were in high demand and will remain this way for the conceivable future. Mr. Howard went to work immediately to design and manufacture multiple antibacterial stands to accommodate hospitals, businesses, and every public location. CALLAHEAD’s Killy Stand is a cookie-cutter wooden stand that was the first created. The Killy Stand was easily mass-produced by the thousands in a very short period of time to supply to the public quickly. 

CALLAHEAD’S Safety Stand is another one-of-a-kind design initially created for pop-up hospitals and coronavirus testing sites due to its safety equipment design. The Safety Stand can be seen well at night and delivers high visibility to help guide people and traffic at pop-up COVID-19 testing sites and hospitals. With its bright orange coloring and safety reflectors, the Safety Stand is perfect for crosswalks, roads, highways, toll booths, airports, transportations centers, and any emergency situation. 

Another CALLAHEAD antibacterial stand created for the pandemic is the Hand Stand. The Hand Stand design includes hand imprints that are eye-catching to all, especially children in schools, parks, playgrounds, and any public setting. The adorable hand imprints make it kid-friendly and draws attention for use to help eliminate the spread of germs.

Also, in extremely high demand throughout the coronavirus pandemic and still, today, are handwashing sinks. By the thousands, CALLAHEAD delivered portable handwashing sinks to hospitals, schools, businesses, churches and synagogues. CALLAHEAD continued its mission to serve its worrying customers by converting standard portable toilets initially without sinks or antiseptic dispensers into portable toilets with hand sanitizing capabilities. Installing a sink system with antibacterial soap and hand towels or an antiseptic dispenser, CALLAHEAD employees installed thousands of antiseptic gel and sink systems to fill the high demand.  

Charles W. Howard is not only CALLAHEAD’s President and CEO but also the inventor of many revolutionary products for CALLAHEAD. CALLAHEAD’s Porcelain Sink Systems and MAC Sink Systems were installed by the hundreds. These ground-breaking systems are life-changing inventions providing non-potable hot and cold sink water to locations where there is no running water, sewer, or cesspool to collect greywater. These systems operate just like kitchen or bathroom sinks inside your home and are connected to vanity, pedestal, or slop sinks, all of which can be provided by CALLAHEAD. Porcelain Toilet Systems and MAC Toilet Systems were also installed daily. CALLAHEAD plumbers worked 7-days a week to install CALLAHEAD’S specialty systems exclusively by CALLAHEAD. No other company in the field can match these industry-changing systems invented by Mr. Howard.   

Hundreds of restroom trailers and handicap trailers were also delivered to emergency sites and pop-up hospitals. They provided restrooms and handwashing sinks with all the antibacterial soap and antiseptic gels to kill 99.9% of germs and bacteria, including COVID-19. Restroom and handicap trailers were especially needed at emergency locations to ensure healthcare workers and first responders had sanitary restroom conditions only CALLAHEAD has the experience and commitment to deliver.  

The list of equipment supplied during the Covid-19 crisis by CALLAHEAD is endless. CALLAHEAD’S Safety Head Portable Toilet is one of the most popular rentals for high-traffic areas and during a state-of-emergency. Thousands upon thousands of Safety Head portable toilets were delivered. Mr. Howard designed the Safety Head to work along with safety equipment on a construction site while providing a portable toilet to crews working on road, highway, bridge, airports and runways, and tunnel construction areas. The portable toilet’s bright orange exterior has safety reflectors, a flashing red safety light and includes a toilet, urinal, and antiseptic dispenser inside. The Safety Head is the ideal rental for emergency sites, hospitals, and COVID-19 testing and vaccine sites. The Safety Head delivers multiple functions, including a restroom with hand sanitizing and safety equipment in one economical and convenient rental.

CALLAHEAD’S Portahead 16, Portahead 25, and Headrest were also going out by the dozens to emergency sites. These portable bathrooms are another innovation by Mr. Howard to provide a home-like bathroom that is entirely portable. CALLAHEAD’S Portahead series and Headrest include a porcelain flush toilet, handwashing sink with hot and cold water, antibacterial soap, hand towels, and is heated for comfort.

CALLAHEAD’S Freshwater systems, including the Watershed 16 and Watershed 25 were another much-needed product. Watersheds are a Charles W. Howard invention for CALLAHEAD to deliver fresh non-potable water to any remote location with an astonishing 50-pounds of water pressure.  Heaters keep the water from freezing in New York’s winter months. CALLAHEAD freshwater delivery trucks deliver clean non-potable water to emergency locations in dire need of sanitary water when there is no domestic plumbing available or needing an additional water supply.

Security was another major concern, as it still is today. The demand for security booths skyrocketed as it would be expected when the entire world is encompassed in a global health emergency. During a war-time mentality, businesses are at risk of theft and vandalism, especially when forced to close. CALLAHEAD’S innovative designed Security Guard booths such as the A-16, A-25, and A-48 were also used as portable office space, and gate entry in secured areas with their spacious interiors provide heat and electrical outlets for 24 hours a day use. The Security Head, another CALLAHEAD exclusive by Mr. Howard, provides security detail a warm station with a private home-style restroom. The Security Head delivers necessity, function, and design all in one.

With thousands of equipment in emergency locations, exceptional cleaning service was required around the clock 7-days a week. CALLAHEAD’S professional uniformed service technicians gave their all working through one of the world’s darkest times for their fellow citizens’ health and safety.  Cleaning portable restroom trailers and portable toilets with hospital-grade cleaners and disinfectants and re-stocking with essential supplies is what CALLAHEAD has been doing for nearly 50-years in the field. Fresh, clean water delivery to portable sinks and refilling antiseptic stands remains essential every single day.  Every CALLAHED employee should be proud as they stepped up to the plate to serve when our civilization needed them most. 

CALLAHEAD is learning every day from the COVID-19 pandemic. Emergency disasters such as 9/11, war, plane crashes, storms, fires, riots, blackouts, and tragedies we cannot even fathom yet to solidify CALLAHEAD’S mission statement, “To Develop and Evolve a Human Necessity, as clear and essential for human survival during catastrophic times.   

CALLAHEAD is the world’s greatest portable toilet company, serving New York City’s five boroughs of Manhattan, the Bronx, Staten Island, Brooklyn, Queens, and Westchester Nassau and Suffolk Counties. In business since 1976, CALLAHEAD has been developing and evolving a human necessity while always competing against themselves to remain the best portable sanitation company for humanity. CALLAHEAD is the most trusted and reliable portable restroom company that ensures the utmost sanitary conditions with every product delivered.  If you would like to learn more about CALLAHEAD’S equipment and outstanding service, you can visit, or call 1.800.634.2085.

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