Avalife Improves Mental Focus, Clarity, and Alertness with Mind Focus

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., April 20, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Avalife is well-known for its line of dietary supplements that focus on “holistic wellness and traditional wisdom in combination with modern science.” This amalgam of past wisdom and modern knowledge has enabled the brand to create a smorgasbord of holistically focused supplements. One of these is Mind Focus — an herbal mental booster that is designed to improve memory, cognition, mental clarity, and adrenal function.

Avalife understands the importance of a unified and comprehensively healthy body. This includes the mind as much as anything else, which is why, along with its digestive, immunity, and other supplements, the health and wellness brand has also developed Mind Focus.

The digestive supplement gives a weary mind a boost through a nootropic blend of ingredients that include the herbs ashwagandha and bacomind bacopa, a clinically tested full spectrum bacopa extract with 30% bacosides. This pair of plants is an intrinsic part of ancient Ayurvedic tradition. Avalife partner’s makes sure that both ingredients are sustainably grown and harvested at precisely the right time to preserve their natural benefits. The clinically studied ingredients of both herbs alongside other ingredients to create a supplement that can:

  • Help improve both memory acquisition and retention;
  • Enhance short- and long-term memory;
  • Boost mental clarity, focus, attention, and brain function;
  • Assist with information processing time and executive function;
  • Support the healthy function of adrenals and support healthy stress management.
  • Helps overcome brain fog especially for eSports athletes and Students.

From brain activity to overall mental health, MindFocus has been carefully crafted to boost, support, and enhance the brain’s activity with natural ingredients. This can help adults and teenagers alike as they navigate the various activities of life. Everything from better clarity at work to enhancing memory when studying and even upping one’s mental agility for a competitive round of eSports can be accomplished with Mind Focus.

The supplement comes in a bottle with a 30-day supply of capsules that are 100% vegetarian, non-GMO, and gluten-, wheat-, soy-, and dairy-free. From its natural Ayurvedic roots to its modern, scientifically researched formula, Mind Focus is one of Avalife’s best products to date. It offers much-needed mental support for adults everywhere as they navigate both the responsibilities and the recreational activities of life, said Suresh Lakshmikanthan – President, Avalife.

About Avalife: Avalife is a branch of Avacare Global that focuses on developing holistically focused dietary supplements. These address everything from gut and bone health to immunity support and mental health.

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