Avocor Announces Three New 55” Displays Ideal for Collaborating at Work, Schools or Home

WILSONVILLE, Ore., Sept. 22, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Avocor, the fastest-growing global collaboration display company, today announces three new 55″ display solutions to address the needs of both businesses and education for remote and in-person work and learning. The ideal size for home spaces, such as offices or dedicated remote learning areas, as well as huddle and focus rooms across the enterprise, Avocor’s 55″ flex line-up makes it easy to stay connected and have meaningful meetings, collaboration, trainings and much more whether in the office or remote. The three offerings include a 55″ interactive display, a 55″ all-in-one interactive display with integrated camera and speakers and a 55″ Zoom Rooms for Touch interactive solution. Each is a powerful tool to solve the challenges that global businesses and schools are facing by keeping them connected and providing the closest experience possible to being together in the same room.

“The impact of COVID has made the need to be connected inside and outside of the four walls of businesses and schools absolutely critical. Avocor’ new 55-inch display solutions address this profound need,” said Scott Hix, CEO Avocor. “Because of their unique design and flexible uses for corporate and education applications, Avocor’s 55-inch displays are not only perfect for small huddle and focus rooms but are also ideal for home offices to create the most effective communication experience.”

Avocor is the perfect solution for productive face-to-face meetings and are the ideal way to communicate and collaborate from offices, classrooms, small meeting rooms and huddle spaces. Beyond these traditional uses, Avocor’s 55″ are smaller and extremely affordable, which enables them to address expanded use cases for interactive displays, such as distance education, telehealth, health research, veterinary medicine, construction and transportation services. And beyond teamwork and collaborating, Avocor displays are ideal to support ongoing training and certifications for remote and dispersed teams. Unlike a static display, the ability to be interactive encourages participant engagement, which aids both learning and retention, to make the most of every Zoom, Teams, MeetUp or WebEx call.

Avocor’s 55″ flex display line-up includes:

Avocor AVE-5530

Available in late Q3, Avocor’s AVE-5530 interactive display is $2,699 utilizes optimized touch and glass technology to provide a smooth and extremely accurate, low-latency writing experience as well as object recognition. The native 4K display with anti-fingerprint, anti-glare glass also allows users to easily switch between using a pen, finger, and palm create for a fluid collaborative environment for users in real-time and introduces Avocor’s UiQ touch-enabled interface. Ideal for BYOD, a single Type-C connector instantly connects any Windows laptop to the display with a
signal, providing power for the laptop and hard-wire ethernet. There is also an Intel OPS slot for onboard compute. A 30W soundbar provides exceptional audio and by adding a camera, the AVE-5530 becomes a powerful, inexpensive interactive videoconference tool.

Avocor AVW-5555

The Avocor AVW-5555 is an all-in-one interactive solution with expertly tuned camera and speakers for flawless videoconferencing right out of the box. The included Type-C cable means any Windows laptop will connect in seconds while not only displaying the laptop’s content, but also providing the user camera and audio control, power to the laptop and hard-wired ethernet over a single cable. For on-board compute, the AVW-5555 also has an Intel OPS slot on the back. The natural inking on the optically bonded InGlass™ is the most superior touch technology on the market and provides the smoothest writing and annotating experience. Beyond the anti-glare and anti-fingerprint glass, the AVW-5555 is Azure Digital Twin certified with built-in sensors able to capture environmental data, and includes Microsoft Azure Sphere, which provides high-level communication and security features for internet-connected devices ensuring only you and your meeting attendees see your valuable information. The AVW-5555 is $5,999 and available in late Q3.

Avocor ALZ-5530

The Avocor ALZ-5530, available late Q3 for $5,399 is the newest and most personal size in Avocor and Logitech’s Zoom Rooms for Touch solutions. Simple-to-use, yet incredibly powerful, the ALZ-5530 allows users to share and co-annotate across desktops, mobile and Zoom Rooms, using the most feature-rich, highest-performing technology to optimize collaboration. Avocor ALZ systems combine a Logitech MeetUp with an Avocor display and Zoom-ready Avocor OPS Windows-10 Intel i7, to seamlessly enable powerful and secure communication as well as whiteboard saving and sharing, including all annotations and ideas. The ALZ-5530 offers superior audio and video, including front-facing audio, through the MeetUp, to enable clear speech. The Logitech MeetUp features a 4K camera with an extra-wide FOV (Field of View) and motorized pan/tilt lens to provide 160 degrees of total room coverage without the fisheye distortion that plagues typical wide-angle cameras. Wherever people sit or stand, RightSight auto-framing automatically moves the lens and zooms up to 5x to perfectly frame everyone in the room. The ALZ-5530 is the ideal way to have one-touch Zoom meetings and whiteboard right out of the box.

The Avocor AVE-5530, AVW-5555 and ALZ-5530 are currently available for order through Avocor’s trusted and experienced global network of distribution and reseller partners. To learn more about how to get started with Avocor, visit www.avocor.com and follow news and updates from Avocor on social, via Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

About Avocor
Avocor is an award-winning global provider of collaboration technology that brings teams together to increase productivity and get more done. Designed with the latest in display technology and to fit the way modern workspaces, huddle rooms, classrooms and meeting spaces work together, Avocor displays offer a premium, flexible user-experience that is easily replicated across the Enterprise. Avocor’s industry partnership ecosystem includes some of the most well-known and trusted collaboration technology leaders in the market today, providing a seamless user experience for every meeting. 

Headquartered in the U.S. with global offices, Avocor is dedicated to delivering collaboration solutions on a global scale through an extensive and experienced partner network. Avocor is ranked #179 on the 2020 Inc 5000 list of the fastest-growing private companies.

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