BeatMarket Launches BeatStart, a New Financial Literacy Platform for Beginner Investors

HELSINKI, Nov. 24, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Designed for self-directed investors, BeatMarket web-based application expands its platform with the entry-level educational courses bundle called BeatStart.

BeatStart offers introductory courses that cover equity valuation, risk assessment, portfolio management, financial statement analysis, stock picking methods, and more. Users can:

– Access in-depth equity investing insights of the investment ideas generator.
– Learn and compare different investing strategies.
– Attend webinars, take quizzes, read financial news, and market commentaries with live support from the BeatMarket community.

The BeatStart interface can be connected to the proprietary stock analysis module (BeatScanner tool) that allows filtering 13,000 of companies to compile watchlists of stocks exhibiting strong growth, profitability, cash flow and attractive valuations.

Users can study, track and analyze popular portfolios using internal portfolio builder and the BeatMarket Index: for example, the dividend yield of BMI stocks is 2.16% versus 1.56% for the S&P 500 index which closely reflects the overall performance of the S&P 500 stocks and the BMI index.

CEO Maksim Diakonov highlighted the platform’s affordability and practice-oriented approach of the BeatStart courses. Originally exclusive to BeatMarket subscribers, BeatStart enrollments are now open to all via its website and mobile app.

Become a better investor with BeatStart tutorials, webinars, Excel models, additional materials, and other resources.

About BeatMarket

BeatMarket Oy is a privately owned Finnish company specializing in developing unique portfolio screeners, while also providing customers with associated data services. Since launching in late 2019, BeatMarket has gained over 18,000 registered users. The platform is constantly updating its set of tools to empower individual investors who are looking for data-driven insights and portfolio construction at a reasonable cost.


Maksim Diakonov, President and CEO
BeatMarket Oy
00140 Kasarmikatu 1D 67

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