BeatMarket Launches Deep Analysis Scoring Tool, The BM Scoring

HELSINKI, Finland, Dec. 11, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — BeatMarket, financial education and portfolio management platform, brings forward real-time stock prices & charts based on the proprietary BeatMarket Scoring (BMS) algorithm.

Over the years, stocks with rating of the BMS 90+ routinely demonstrate a strong performance over the broad market indices, the S&P 500 and Nasdaq Composite.

In December 2023 we integrated the BeatMarket scoring with the internal algorithms that fuel BeatMarket platform. 16,000 stocks from the US, Europe, LATAM, Asian and Pacific markets get covered by the BeatMarket Scoring. From today, anyone can access the automation engine inside our platform,” says Maksim Diakonov, CEO of BeatMarket.

Catering to individual investors, BeatMarket provides engaged investing community, real-time quotes, portfolio management tools and custom stock screeners: investors can track multiple assets quickly and efficiently, iterate and experiment with model portfolios to determine optimal investing strategies.

“BeatMarket provides unique stock ratings based on in-depth fundamental analysis of over 150 key business metrics like profit margins, earnings growth rate, cash flow, long-term debt. Companies with resilient and consistent financial results receive higher ratings, while struggling businesses are rated lower. BeatMarket’s easy-to-understand rating system aims to help self-directed investors identify reliable stocks that can continue delivering growth regardless of a market sentiment or cycle,” remarked Maksim Diakonov, CEO of BeatMarket.

The platform also handles ongoing tasks like portfolio rebalancing schedule and dividend reinvesting alerts. Beginners can grasp the basics of investing inside the dedicated education module of the platform.

BeatMarket provides access to extensive research notes individual stocks and ETFs from around the globe. Users can stay on top of hot sectors, discover undervalued opportunities in the niche markets, and get actionable updates on their holdings. BeatMarket multi-asset platform simplifies tracking not just equities: mutual funds, REITS, alternative investments (cash, CDs, crypto) can be tracked within one streamlined dashboard.

About BeatMarket:

Founded in 2019, BeatMarket Oy is a privately owned Finnish company specializing in developing unique portfolio trackers, while also providing customers with associated data services, business news & market commentary, educational resources.

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BeatMarket Oy
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