BeatMarket Platform Launches to Empower Long-Term Retail Investors

HELSINKI, Oct. 25, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — A pioneering new investment analysis and wealth management platform BeatMarket has launched, aiming to empower individual investors with the tools and insights previously only available to professionals.

BeatMarket was founded by Maksim Diakonov. Through self-education and a track record of building IT products over 15 years, Maksim developed a passion for long-term investing and a vision for making expert-level stock market analysis accessible to individual investors.

“For too long, individual investors have been left to make important financial decisions with little support,” says Maksim Diakonov. “BeatMarket changes that by bringing Wall Street-quality research and analytics to every smartphone.”

The BeatMarket platform allows users to import portfolio and transaction data from any broker to track returns, test different strategies against benchmarks, and analyze portfolios. Advanced features like customized alerts and automated reporting are available through affordable subscription plans. With BeatMarket new subscribers can join the community of experienced investors and learn the portfolio management basics via educational webinars.

The platform’s most peculiar feature is BeatMarket’s stock ratings. Powered by machine learning algorithms, the team of analysts thoroughly examines company fundamentals and assigns each security a score from 1-100 based on criteria like profitability, cash flow, growth, and debt. This makes it easy for individual investors to identify opportunities and risks within their portfolios.

In just a few months since launching to early customers, BeatMarket has already attracted over 18,000 users — a promising start for a bootstrap startup. Feedback indicates people appreciate the intuitive design that simplifies tasks like performance tracking and strategy comparison.

Looking ahead, Makism Diakonov plans to expand the team of in-house analysts and introduce premium portfolio management tools. Partnerships with big brokers are also in the works to embed BeatMarket data and insights more deeply into various investment management platforms.

The vision is for BeatMarket to become a one-stop shop where millions of retail investors can access top-tier market research, make informed choices, and feel empowered in building wealth through equity investments leveling the playing field against institutional Goliaths. With growing interest, BeatMarket aims to put sophisticated stock analysis in everyone’s hands.


Maksim Diakonov, President and CEO
BeatMarket Oy
00140 Kasarmikatu 1D 67
Helsinki, Finland


SOURCE BeatMarket