BEI Announces New Enhancement to the EPIC™ Recommendation Library

DENVER, Sept. 30, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Business Enterprise Institute (BEI), the leader in the Exit Planning industry, announced their latest update to the EPIC software platform. This enhancement provides advisors with an efficient way to create a detailed recommendation plan for their business owner clients with different needs.  

BEI Planning and Full Licensed Members now have three powerful types of recommendations to provide their clients.

Recommendations (NEW!): This version includes an explanation of what each Recommendation is, how it works, pros and cons, and details that will need to be addressed if the Recommendation moves forward as part of the chosen planning strategy. 

Quick List: This version allows advisors to quickly present their planning ideas in a list format. 

Enhanced Recommendations: Each Recommendation includes a number of elements that allow for added details suggested by the responsible advisor and/or decisions made on how the Recommendation will be structured or implemented. 

The New Recommendations version allows advisors to educate their clients, get the ball rolling, and keep planning projects moving forward. With a variety of recommendation options, advisors now have the ability to present custom ideas and produce planning documents tailored to their clients’ needs as well as their individual planning style.

“This enhancement will save advisors and business owners time, resources, and effort while still generating enough information business owners need to jumpstart their Exit Plans,” comments Jared Johnson, CEO of BEI. “We are thrilled to provide this new enhancement for our Licensed Members.”

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About BEI:
Founded in 1996, BEI is the global leader in the Exit Planning industry and the only organization offering advisors access to a comprehensive and proven Exit Planning process. Its mission is to train and support business advisors with proprietary planning, marketing, and training tools to help their clients successful excel then exit their businesses.  As a BEI Licensed User, members ultimately seek to help business owners and their families benefit from their lives’ work.

Media Contact:
Lisa Fannin

SOURCE Business Enterprise Institute

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