‘Being There’ Again: Mytaverse Goes Live in Hybrid Reality

MIAMI, Sept. 22, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Ask anyone who attended the Asian Sky Group’s recently-completed conference and exhibition and they will confirm:  The metaverse is for real. Between September 14 and 16, the Miami-based startup Mytaverse hosted a business aviation trade show.  What’s unique about a trade show you ask? When it’s the first one to be fully experienced in hybrid-reality, a lot.

Featuring over 50 exhibitors, including Dassault Aviation, Leonardo Helicopters, Textron Aviation, Embraer Executive Jets and many other recognized names in business jet support and services like NetJets, JSSI, Sino Jet Group and Metrojet, the Mytvarse platform enabled visitors to free themselves "physically" from the restrictions of the past 18 months.  A common sentiment among the attendees was that they had actually traveled to a conference and been "away on business for 3 days."

One attendee shared: "Congratulations to the team on a truly remarkable event.  My daughter saw the screen and said ‘Wow! That’s amazing,‘ which I think sums it up very well."

Another added: "This is a first in aviation. From what I know, a first in conference and trade shows. A first in the Metaverse."

Supported by the Epic Games Unreal Engine 4 and PureWeb pixel-streaming, the Mytaverse experience enabled the nearly 1300 unique visitors to walk around, or "teleport," from hall to hall.  There were 4 exhibition halls in total filled with stands of varying sizes. Over 10 hours of panels with industry experts discussing the future of business aviation in Asia could be heard in the auditorium.

Demand for the platform was so high from literally the first hour that organizers had to temporarily pause entry into Mytaverse.

Mytaverse Co-founder & CTO Jaime Lopez commented,"I think this is truly evolutionary technology changing not only how we conduct business but how humans interact. Mytaverse connects people from different parts of the world, different cultures, and immerses them into a digital reality that allows them to feel and sense the experience of being ‘there’ without moving from the comfort of their homes or workplace. What we witnessed this week is like seeing the first flight of the Wright Brothers. From here on, our technology will evolve into making that connection between the user and the digital world as seamless as possible."

Jeffrey Lowe, CEO of Asian Sky Group and Asian Sky Media, echoed Lopez’s comments, adding, "I want to thank Mytaverse for successfully orchestrating a complex, hybrid-reality event. Attendees were able to participate and navigate much as they would have at traditional trade shows while being able to do so without goggles or complex machines required."

Mytaverse started building its platform slightly over one year ago. The company currently employs 25 people. Mytaverse CEO, Kenneth Landau, added, "our vision is for exhibitors to have a 24/7 online showroom where their teams can meet and interact with customers. It is much more intimate than staring at a video in a 2-D world."

Ranging from museums to medical associations, from movie theaters to upskilling for employees, Mytaverse is already crafting winning solutions for many companies like Pepsico and Grupo Phoenix


Founded in 2020, GathR Virtual Studios, Inc., created Mytaverse to meet demand for hybrid and augmented reality meetings and workspaces. As a fully immersive platform using Epic Games Unreal Engine 4 and PurWeb pixel streaming, Mytaverse offers dynamic experiences for business, job simulations, education and more. The hardware-agnostic approach enables users from anywhere to enter through only a browser on their PC or Mac. Next up is the mobile version further strengthening the commitment to from anywhere, anytime.

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