Beyond Aspirations: How Aspirus Health System Met the Challenge in the Face of Adversity

MEDFORD, Wis., March 22, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — No one ever wants to hear the word “pandemic”, but least of all those charged with the lives of thousands of people. When you’re responsible for the supply chain to a hospital system, it takes on another connotation altogether.

Gary Rakes, Vice President and Chief Supply Chain Officer for Aspirus Health immediately began strategizing. “Our motto in supply chain is, ‘We fill the hands that heal.'” Knowing that the health and safety of not only the staff but also the thousands of residents they serve in Michigan and Wisconsin were tasked to him, he got to work.

Healthcare workers were nervous and the Aspirus team wanted to be able to provide real assurances. Rakes needed the full gamut of supplies to protect from whatever was coming, but immediately faced challenges. “Everyone was searching the market for different (Personal Protective Equipment) and as you can imagine, our traditional manufacturers did not have enough product to meet worldwide demand.”

The process of finding and vetting companies was daunting, Rakes said. Many nefarious players hit the market and it was important to not only vet for legitimacy but also who could deliver. “We needed the ability to plan and create a Distribution Center for PPE,” Rakes explained. “But we needed a trustworthy, reliable partner.”

While other supply companies were unable to reliably source PPE, Rakes and Aspirus turned to Legacy Medical Sales and found a partner in helping them meet their obligations to staff and the community, without sacrificing quality or safety. “They are providing industry-leading quality products while also meeting demand.”

Moving forward, Rakes has adjusted his strategy for supply acquisition, thankful that companies like Legacy are there to facilitate change on a dime. Aspirus was able to build out a stockpile of PPE and soothe caregivers’ concerns, all while developing a more nimble approach to future supply chain support. “Legacy helped us weather the storm. They were a really great partner that helped us in our time of need.”

Legacy Medical Sales is a trusted medical device and supply company based in Pennsylvania. Founded in 2019, the company supports the community at all levels through medical devices and supplies provided to emergency personnel, medical facilities, and organizations across the country. Visit their site for more information.


Meg A. Watt, Allogi 

SOURCE Aspirus Health System