Biorn Corporation’s New Team Members Excel Results in First Month

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., Sept. 20, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Biorn Corporation, a leading commercial collection agency, is excited to announce the addition of two talented professionals to its roster for 2023.

Grey Luna joins Biorn as the National Account Representative. Grey brings to the team a wealth of experience and possesses qualities that align perfectly with Biorn’s commitment to integrity, effective communication, and delivering results. In addition to his robust sales and service expertise, Grey Luna has a well-rounded education and a strong proficiency in computer and network support. His diverse skill set is a valuable asset when working with Biorn’s clients to initiate debt collection placements.

Jason Larson, an industry veteran with extensive experience in debt collection, is the newest member of the Biorn Corporation team. Jason brings with him a stellar reputation and a skill set that perfectly aligns with Biorn’s collection goals and service expectations. With expertise in collection negotiations, skip tracing, and training, Jason’s multifaceted abilities make him an ideal addition to enhance recovery efforts for past-due accounts assigned to Biorn Corporation.

The dedication and expertise of Biorn Corporation’s in-house collection staff have resulted in a remarkable increase in revenues, exceeding 8 percent compared to the previous year. Their exceptional collection recovery capabilities have also led to reduced costs for Biorn’s clients who utilize the agency’s network of attorneys.

Biorn Corporation is proud to report a significant uptick in debt collection placements. In August alone, Biorn’s clients submitted over 50 percent more placements compared to their monthly average over the past two years. As economic challenges continue to evolve, businesses are encouraged to take proactive measures to manage their DSO (Daily Sales Outstanding) effectively.

Biorn warmly welcomes consultations with businesses overseeing their company’s Accounts Receivable. Confident in their services, Biorn is committed to creating customized, winning programs for their commercial clients to maximize recovery in a cost-effective manner.

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Craig Biorn


SOURCE Biorn Corporation