Black Buffalo 3D Printed Homes Have New Owners Just in Time for the Holidays

NEWPORT NEWS, Va., Dec. 14, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — On December 12, 2023, Black Buffalo 3D celebrated the completion of two 3D printed homes utilizing its ICC-ES approved 3D construction materials and large-scale 3D printers as part of Habitat for Humanity Peninsula and Greater Williamsburg‘s latest home project. Black Buffalo 3D homes tout benefits for their owners including disaster resilience, printed walls being termite proof and giving the designers to ability to design structures with excellent thermal efficiency. These homes achieved an energy rating of R22 which will result in lower energy consumption and lower cost of living over traditionally built homes.

“These Newport News homes represent the latest advances in 3D construction by utilizing Black Buffalo 3D’s large scale gantry construction printer and proprietary materials that are over twice as strong as traditional CMU block,” commented Mike Miceli, CEO of Black Buffalo 3D. “We’ve always touted the importance of field and lab verified testing materials, printer performance and wall design to streamline the permitting process. This project was the result of an experienced builder utilizing ICC-ES approved engineering specs to print strong resilient housing that will perform well for years to come.”

The construction team at Habitat for Humanity spearheaded by Craig Meadows, Chief Construction Officer, was able to take full advantage of Black Buffalo 3D’s complete 3D construction solutions—including its NEXCON gantry printer and MAPEI USA provided Planitop 3D NA (proprietary materials) to become the first in the world to utilize the printed wall as the structural element of homes without relying on grout infill or vertical rebar.

Janet Green, CEO for Habitat for Humanity PGW explained that HFH provides a path to home ownership, but it is not a handout. Potential owners need to fulfill a commitment that includes 100 hours of service and qualify to be approved to purchase a house. In turn, Habitat offers a zero-interest loan to make the homes affordable and all funds go back into building more homes for hardworking families. The new homeowners were onsite and extremely excited about being able to move into their new homes. The two homes were largely sponsored by IHI and Bayport Credit Union. Both new homeowners were onsite to say a few words and meet everyone involved on printing/building their homes.

“This does not mean a little bit to me; this means the world to me. This is a place where I will grow, my children will grow and learn, and I look forward to having them come of age so they can back to Habitat and help to build other homes to pay it forward. I look forward to being part of this community,” expressed new 3D printed homeowner Sierra.

Black Buffalo 3D and MAPEI USA were extremely proud to be part of these builds; offering support throughout the project including consultation, hands-on training, and guidance on products to finish the 3D printed elements. 3D homes are gaining widespread adoption, and these two homes represent a significant step forward into how 3D printed homes can improve efficiency.

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Black Buffalo 3D Corporation ( is poised to revolutionize construction and lead standardization and global innovation of 3D construction printers (3DCP), proprietary construction “ink” and 3D print construction consulting services. BB3D became the first 3d construction provider to meet ICC-ES AC509 giving its clients the ability to 3D print structural walls on demand. NEXCON printers 3D print code-compliant homes, buildings and infrastructure on-demand for both onsite and offsite construction. Black Buffalo 3D received the Global Innovation award from NAHB for its leadership in testing and standardization in 3D construction. For more information contact

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