Blue Fox Impact Launches Social Justice Racial Equity Venture Across Multiple Entertainment Sectors

Independent Company Will Partner with Organizations that have a Mandate to Deploy Social Justice Racial Equity Impact Funding 

LOS ANGELES, July 18, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Blue Fox Impact announced its launch as a new venture to support and provide funding into various entertainment industry businesses. Blue Fox Impact is co-founded by Ralph G. Mendy Henderson, Jr., who will serve as Chief Executive Officer and the majority shareholder. Co-founder James Huntsman will serve as Chief Financial Officer. Lisa Gutberlet will join the leadership team as Chief Operating Officer. Blue Fox Entertainment will hold a minority stake in the company.

Blue Fox Impact will work with corporations, financial institutions, foundations, endowments and family offices that have a mandate to deploy social justice racial equity impact funds with an additional focus on racial economic equality. Blue Fox Impact will support black, brown, and women owned ventures in order to facilitate economic equality with the goal of creating independent, scalable and sustainable businesses that can support their communities with jobs and growth. These funds will primarily be deployed across Blue Fox’s broad footprint into multiple key areas including film and television development, financing, domestic distribution, international sales and exhibition. Further divisions are expected to be announced later this year.

Blue Fox Impact will leverage its relationship with Blue Fox Entertainment to create one of the largest independent integrated entertainment companies by seamlessly utilizing the resources and expertise of Blue Fox Financing, Blue Fox Entertainment and Blue Fox Theaters under one vision. Furthermore, Blue Fox Impact will actively pursue synergistic opportunities in sectors such as technology and real estate, strategically aligning itself with innovative and transformative ventures. The company will also support other related social justice racial equity initiatives including film grants and partnering with charitable organizations that maximize community involvement to drive social change.

Said Blue Fox Impact CEO Henderson, “We are thrilled to work with corporations, foundations, endowments, financial institutions, family offices and the leaders in the entertainment media and tech industry that share our commitment to racial economic equality and social justices, post the global protests that erupted after the tragic killings of Breonna Taylor and George Floyd. By combining our collective efforts, we can drive positive social justice change, create sustainable businesses within black and brown communities, and foster job growth.”

Blue Fox Entertainment owner James Huntsman said: “Leveraging Blue Fox Entertainment’s current infrastructure with social and racial impact funding will create meaningful opportunities and growth for underrepresented communities. We are proud to be a partner of choice.”

According to McKinsey, over 1,000 US organizations committed $200 billion to racial justice initiatives, following the death of George Floyd. However, according to a Washington Post analysis, as of August 2021, the 50 largest companies had disbursed less than 1% of their $50 billion pledged. This data shows a disconnect and need for ventures that can link black, brown and women led businesses with institutional funding mandates.

Audrey Delaney

SOURCE Blue Fox Impact