Breaking the Chains of Suboxone Addiction

MIAMI, Feb. 19, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Ibogaine by David Dardashti proudly announced its 10th year anniversary as a pioneering – and world-class – ibogaine treatment center that has successfully treated thousands of patients suffering from Suboxone addiction. The clinic has established a constructed set of formulas, enabling them to treat Suboxone addiction in a matter of days.

Unlike other clinics that suggest people who are on Suboxone maintenance programs to switch first to a short-acting opiate such as Oxycodone before coming for ibogaine treatment, David Dardashti strongly advises that people who are hooked on this dangerous drug continue taking it until their scheduled ibogaine treatment. It is the clinic’s mission to help with all dilemmas associated with the opiate epidemic through ibogaine treatment.

“Everybody has a different experience when they take the ibogaine. With pure ibogaine used over here, there is no hallucination. There is perception. A perception of yourself, your life, your inner self, your subconscious, and sub- subconscious, or call it your soul. When those components open up, then you see your own perception of yourself,” Dardashti describes the ibogaine treatment experience. “What’s going on with you? What have you done wrong in your life? What have you done right in your life? What do you need to change? How and what do you need to do to fix things? And that’s what I call perception.” 

Ibogaine by David Dardashti makes it their top priority to help people break the chains of Suboxone addiction in the most comfortable and effective way possible. By distributing a wide variety of ibogaine doses over the course of the days during their stay at the facility, the person is able to fully recover from Suboxone addiction without having to worry about any acute withdrawals post-treatment. 

Located in the heart of the city of Playa del Carmen, Mexico, the ibogaine clinic founded by David Dardashti has the safest and most advanced treatment procedure among the most popular ibogaine treatment centers in the world. They offer an all-inclusive package that covers the person’s ibogaine treatment, air travel itinerary, airport pick up and drop off, accommodation with diet-specific meals, as well as counseling.

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