Breakthrough: Novel Virucidal Compound Covimro Shows Promise in the Fight Against Coronavirus

LONDON, Sept. 22, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Biotech start-up COVIMRO Ltd demonstrated the effectiveness of its compound, Covimro against Coronavirus. EM images taken with a Titan Krios scanning/transmission electron microscope from the University of Leeds show Covimro’s action in disrupting the viral membrane and dislodging the S Spike Proteins.

The structural stability and integrity of a virus are important in order for it to infect a target cell. If the structural integrity is compromised, the virus loses infectivity quickly.

“The use of electron microscopy (EM) is highly complementary to the ongoing pharmacological studies. The current lab assays allow us to test the potency and pharmacokinetic properties of Covimro. Our current pilot studies have suggested changes in virus integrity in the presence of Covimro with degradation of the viral spikes. This is significant as the infectivity of the virus will be lost if we can degrade the spike structure,” said Dr. Stephen Muench, School of Biomedical Sciences at the University of Leeds.

The global unavailability of a vaccine for coronavirus, uncertainty around its route of administration, doubts about its efficacy, the possible requirement of booster doses and the duration of immunity remain challenges.

Covimro has a virus agnostic, 3 stage design architecture; It structurally degrade the virus upon contact, prevents it from attaching to the cell and reduce its ability to multiply once inside the cell. As an orthomolecular compound Covimro has an exceptional safety profile built in, by default.

Being virus agnostic brings two key advantages; immunity against both antigenic drift and antigenic shift. In a pandemic situation these 2 facets are of critical importance to keep up with a mutating virus.

An EC50/CC50 cell culture study conducted at Hvivo labs in London showed a 20% reduction in coronavirus infectivity at just 0.39% concentration, as measured by cytopathic effects, CPE.

This promising pilot data paves the way towards creating preventative treatment models that may help reduce the viral load. This can give the immune system a helping hand so it stands a better chance of fighting the virus, which may result in improved patient outcomes.


UK-based start-up COVIMRO™ is a biotech research company specialising in agnostic antiviral solutions. The multidisciplinary team draws from the latest advances in virology, oncology and RNA genetics.


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