BrightWorks Holdings, Inc. Launches Healthcare Consulting Practice to Address the Unprecedented Challenges Facing Modern Healthcare Systems

BrightWorks Holdings, Inc. announces the establishment of “BrightWorks Health,” a healthcare consulting practice created through the alignment of existing companies and seasoned healthcare leaders. BrightWorks Health improves the financial performance and enhances the competitive position of healthcare systems by solving their complicated financial, organizational, strategic, and transactional challenges.

NASHVILLE, Tenn., May 9, 2023 Today, BrightWorks Holdings announces the launch of its Healthcare Consulting Practice, BrightWorks Health. The Practice unites a team of highly experienced healthcare executives to provide comprehensive, tailored, and value-focused solutions that meet the needs of modern healthcare systems.

The formation of BrightWorks could not come at a better time; its launch coincides with a period of remarkable change and unprecedented headwinds for healthcare leaders. “Several financial challenges contributed to hospital margins suffering steep declines last year, including labor costs and staff shortages, inflation, higher cost of capital, investment losses and the end of federal pandemic-related funds…” and “Approximately half of U.S. hospitals finished [2022] with a negative margin…” according to Becker’s Hospital Review.

The financial performance of many healthcare systems is at a critical level, demanding dramatic change to assure their long-term viability. “Now more than ever, healthcare leaders need support from deeply experienced advisors with a unique perspective and comprehensive approach that delivers higher value at the right price. We’ve built BrightWorks Health to do just that,” said managing partner Howard Peterson.

According to Ken Hawkins, BrightWorks managing partner, “BrightWorks Health addresses shortcomings that are prevalent in the healthcare consulting industry; traditional healthcare consultants are often slow, specialized, expensive, and don’t have the ability to implement their recommendations.”

BrightWorks Health offers four services which are critical to creating higher-performing healthcare systems: (1) Large-scale Financial Improvement Projects; (2) Organization and Leadership Optimization; (3) Business Portfolio and Market Positioning; and (4) Partnership and Strategic Transactions. BrightWorks Health’s deep and specialized healthcare experiences, comprehensive approach, ability to implement, and focus on value through pricing are key differentiators – and it couldn’t come at a better time for the industry.

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About BrightWorks Health

BrightWorks Health is a healthcare consulting firm that solves the evolving business challenges faced by modern health systems by implementing its proprietary 4-stage “Define-Conduct-Implement-Manage” action plan. BrightWorks’ team of consultants have broad healthcare-industry management experience; its executive leadership each have over 25 years of C-suite management or advisory experience, and they have collectively completed more than $25 billion in complex transactions. The BrightWorks Health team has developed proprietary solutions in organizational performance, radical cost reduction, and innovative forms of strategic alignments. The team is unified in its belief that – now more than ever – it’s important to deliver a wide range of effective, comprehensive, and affordable consulting solutions to the marketplace. For more information on BrightWorks Health, visit:

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