Broadvoice Introduces New AI-Driven Workflow Builder

Broadvoice AI Brings the Power of IVA and Advanced IVR Capabilities to SMBs and BPOs

LOS ANGELES, Jan. 17, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Broadvoice, an omnichannel contact center platform and unified communications provider for small and mid-market enterprises and BPOs, announced the release of its new AI-driven workflow builder, Broadvoice AI. Using intelligent virtual agents (IVA) and advanced interactive voice response (IVR) capabilities, the next-generation tool improves the customer experience and boosts operational efficiency and productivity.

“We all know AI is transforming the contact center industry, but many small and mid-size businesses are intimidated by the prospect of implementing the technology into their operations,” said Broadvoice Chief Product Officer George Mitsopoulos. “Broadvoice AI is simple to deploy and use and has an immediate impact on agents and operations. Instead of wasting valuable time on repetitive calls and queries, agents can now address more complex issues, resulting in a better overall customer experience and immediate ROI.”

Broadvoice AI goes beyond traditional, prompt-based self-service menus to allow open-ended inquiries that address customer needs in real-time. Workflows intelligently automate responses, complete tasks and trigger subsequent actions, like sending a text from an IVR interaction, without involving a live agent. Customers using Broadvoice AI experienced an 80% success in voice bot efficiency and a 42% reduction in time using IVR navigation.

“Now our client [can] verbalize [their] need and an artificial intelligence system processes the request and transfers it to a team that is best equipped to deal with [the] request,” said María José Baena, Customer Service Manager at Tinsa, a Broadvoice AI customer.

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