Bryte Payments Announces James Ringstaff as Vice President of Products and Services

Continuing a legacy of strong and dynamic continued education and leadership James Ringstaff brings Bryte one step closer to their goal.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla., April 10, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Bryte, a well-established merchant services company has proudly announced James Ringstaff as the VP of Products and Services.

Bryte Payment Solutions has been on the forefront of superior support and service in the electronic payment industry since 2017, and their innovation, growth and commitment to integrity continues to show.

Mr. Ringstaff joined Bryte in early 2019 and since that time has brought value and impeccable leadership in the area of training and support to our staff and agents alike. James’s contribution has been a key component to Bryte’s ongoing initiative to provide absolute best in support and service.

Dave Humphrey, President of Bryte Payment Solutions had this to say about the new position held by Mr. Ringstaff, “This position is probably overdue as we have seen the staggering evolution of new ISV’s on the market along with the rapid pace of changes in hardware configurations. This position brings a much-needed breath of fresh air to Bryte as we continue to see these rapid changes occur.”

When James Ringstaff was asked about how he feels about the new position he simply replied, “the future is Bryte!”

About Bryte: Bryte provides merchant services for a wide variety of industry types to include retail, restaurant, and e-Commerce platforms. Their mission is to provide merchants with the best possible payment processing experience. From POS systems to software, to custom built applications; they customize a solution to fit any business’ need.

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