BYOB BAGELS: Bagel Businesses with a Purpose

NEW YORK, Feb. 21, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The desire to "Become Your Own Boss (‘BYOB’)" is a phenomenon that is spreading across the world. While many people have entertained the idea for years, the uncertainty of the pandemic has sparked many to leave their jobs or make drastic changes in their lives to become their own bosses.

Texas A & M professor Anthony Klotz coined the term "the Great Resignation" and pointed to several factors that are unique to the pandemic, including "pandemic epiphanies," which he describes as "people … reflecting on their lives [and asking], ‘Am I living the life I want to live?… is life making me happy and is life giving me a sense of purpose?’"

The Eagle, Jan 8, 2022 A&M professor who predicted ‘Great Resignation’ …." by Alex Miller.

Beth George and Frank Mauro of BYOB BAGELS have been helping entrepreneurs become their own bagel bosses since 2013. BYOB BAGELS’ business has soared since 2020, which they attribute, in part, to "pandemic epiphanies." Beth notes, "We offer a unique service at the right time in history."

During the pandemic, BYOB BAGELS has helped nearly two dozen clients open successful bagel businesses with a purpose. Despite coming from different backgrounds, BYOB BAGELS’ clients share common goals: They seek the independence of owning their own businesses, desire purpose in their work, and have a passion for making the best bagels.

Tina Iordamlis of Bagels on Park in Weehawken, NJ transitioned from 25 years in the corporate world to building a bagel shop in her hometown just months before the pandemic surfaced. Reflecting on her reasons, Tina said, "I wanted more from life than working for someone else. By opening Bagels on Park, I fulfilled my dream of running my own successful business while pursuing my passion for cooking and baking."

Tiffany Lopes started making bagels during the lockdowns, and dreamed of opening a bagel shop in her small town. With BYOB’s guidance, she opened Sunrise Bagel in Waterville, Maine. Even without a background in business, Tiffany quickly caught on and Sunrise Bagel has become a focal point for great food and conversation. "I still find it surreal and am so glad took the leap with BYOB’s support and guidance. The comments we get are so amazing…"

Jennifer Davis of Hidden Bagel Co. in Spokane, WA came to BYOB BAGELS with years of experience in the food industry. "I figured out the ice-cream business on my own, but wanted to short-cut my learning curve with bagels." In an enthusiastic text, she wrote, "I’m sure you see it everywhere, but people are soooooo happy with your bagels!!" And then said with glee, "I’m a bagel rockstar!"

Terry Perusini hails from the music industry, but had a hankering to step into the food industry. Thrilled with the immediate success of the Bagel Barn in Burlington, Ontario, he notes, "The response has been well beyond what I ever imagined. We are constantly sold out and the typical customer response is ‘These are the best bagels I have ever had!’ There is no doubt these bagels are at a whole new level."

Father and Son, Richie, Sr. and Richie, Jr. Bonanno are the owners of Grandpa’s Bagel in South Marlboro, NJ, priding themselves as "Not Your Average Bagel Joint." After retiring from a long career on Wall Street, Richie, Sr. wanted to help his son launch a business after graduating from college. Richie Jr. has conquered the art of artisan bagel-making, delighting their customers daily with bagel and schmear masterpieces.

BYOB BAGELS continues to expand into other realms. In pages 36-42 of the Feb 2022 article entitled, "The Holey Saviour" in Vera Magazine, Virgin Atlantic’s In-Flight Magazine, Jessica Prubas explores BYOB’s involvement with the development of a non-profit mission-based bagel shop that is being built in Coney Island, under the umbrella of Concern for Independent Living, a NY non-profit, with the mission to provide housing and services that enrich lives and strengthen communities.

BYOB BAGELS has also been featured in numerous publications, including the New York Times, CBS Sunday Morning, Food 52, The London Times, and others.

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