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GEELONG, Australia, March 1, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — A clever smartphone concept, that turns any wine label into a digital channel, using virtual technology, is set to rollout to US, with California wineries getting onboard from this week.

The concept, called Winerytale, enables winemakers to “virtually” hide digital content behind their wine labels, which eager consumers unlock by scanning with their phones. The entire experience is then stunningly brought to life with augmented reality.

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“We’re really excited,” said Dave Chaffey, Managing Director of Winerytale.

“We’re eager to bring it to California, the wine capital of the modern world. We think it’s a great opportunity for wine producers to reach further than ever before, connecting from every label.”

“It’s absolutely stunning to see first-hand “says Chaffey, “the virtual display just hovers in front of the wine. People are blown away.”

“The whole concept is based around creating a unique experience, which it does really well. There’s a mix of content, interaction, social media – it’s very different.”

And it’s a powerful concept for Winemakers, who have the means to reach customers from every bottle of wine they’ve produced.

“They can use it for promotions, and even capture sales directly from the label”

“We’ve had great success in Australia, and we think that California is the ideal place for us to take the next step.”

Untapped Millennials Audience

According to Chaffey, Winerytale combines themes of storytelling, authentic content, social media, and augmented reality, which has proven popular with consumers.

“Here’s the thing – there are lots of wine Apps already available that offer hard information, ratings and data. They do a great job for their target audience.

“But there’s a new generation of wine lovers, who are more interested in the experience, and they’re quite taken with the idea of discovering, and exploring – which is what Winerytale offers.”

“We’ve built the concept around the next generation of wine lovers – discovering the authentic story behind the wine, while weaving in elements of social media and some unique user interaction” said Chaffey.

“The concept is the ideal way to connect with the millennials generation – they’re the future. They’re the 25 to 40 year-olds, at the stage of life where they’re just starting to build the wine cellars that they’ll be stocking for the next 40-50 years.”

Winerytale begins its rollout in March for wineries in California, Washington, and Oregon.  The Company intends to open up to the rest of the country, later in the year, but is unable to provide a timeline currently.

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About Winerytale

Winerytale is led by Matt Hallberg, Luke Chaffey, and Dave Chaffey – specialists in their respective fields of augmented reality, software development, and digital marketing. 

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