Callibra, Inc. Launches New iCompose™ Tool for Sophisticated Content Library Management and Document Generation for Partner EMRs, Telehealth, and Clinical Systems

SCHAUMBURG, Ill., June 27, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Callibra, Inc., a leading provider of patient education and healthcare IT solutions, known for its Discharge 1-2-3 product line, announced today the launch of iCompose™, a new product to add powerful content library management and document generation for healthcare IT applications, telemedicine platforms, EMR systems, and health systems.

SCP Health, Atlanta, GA, a healthcare innovator, was looking to enhance its new cutting-edge telehealth solution to deliver high-quality instruction and educational content that is always up to date.

“We chose to integrate the iCompose™ Library Manager component and Callibras patient education library with our new telehealth solution and were impressed by how easy it was to integrate,” said Lisa Fry, President, Value-Based Care at SCP Health. “The content included is always up to date for zero content maintenance by our staff, zero downtime for updates, and we can add an unlimited amount of custom content as well. Documents are provided in the patients native language and even in a bilingual format. It has proven to be an important tool for completing our telehealth visits.”

Sound encounter documentation and patient education in the patients native language, even in a brief telehealth visit, is key to high-quality outcomes, equity for all patients in a community, and liability protection,” said Dr. Christopher Galassi, MD, MS, CEO, Callibra, Inc. “Patient encounter documentation for healthcare is just the beginning for this versatile platform. We are thrilled to work with the forward-thinking team at SCP Health and to bring iCompose™ to the market within their product.”

Designed specifically for the healthcare industry, iCompose™ provides an incredibly easy way to add extensive robust features for library management and document generation to any application, without extensive coding. The iCompose™ platform consists of two powerful non-visual API products licensed together or separately: Library Manager (LM) and Document Generator (DG). With support for multiple languages and seamless API integration, iCompose™ is the ultimate solution for vendor partners to provide sophisticated features for a global presence.

SCP Health has been making moments count for patients for over 50 years. A physician-led, clinical services provider, SCP partners with hospitals and health systems, empowering clinicians to deliver high-quality, cost-effective patient care throughout the entire patient journey.

Callibra, Inc. is committed to delivering innovative and effective solutions to the healthcare industry, and iCompose™ is no exception. With its powerful features, iCompose™ is poised to revolutionize the way healthcare providers manage and generate documents. Callibra software and user interface designs are protected by multiple US and international patents.

About SCP Health
SCP Health is a leader in emergency and hospital medicine, with emerging critical care and virtual health capabilities. Built on clinical and operational expertise, they engage, activate, and optimize clinical programs to deliver exceptional patient outcomes. The SCP Health team aligns physicians, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants to quality, enhancing performance, advancing strategic goals, and improving clinical outcomes.

About Callibra, Inc.
Headquartered in Schaumburg, Illinois, Callibra, Inc. is a leading provider of healthcare IT solutions and a past winner of the Chicago Innovation Award. Callibras content libraries and Discharge 1-2-3 products are used both in the US and internationally and provide content in English, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, French Canadian, Vietnamese, Korean, Arabic, and Persian. Callibras Discharge 1-2-3 solution and patient education library are well known in the industry and integrated or interfaced into many major EMR systems, such as Epic, Altera, Meditech, Picis PulseCheck, CMR, and others. Discharge 1-2-3 solutions are used in hundreds of hospitals for millions of patient discharges annually. Callibra is committed to delivering innovative and effective solutions to the healthcare industry with a focus on streamlining processes and increasing efficiency.

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