Campus 360 Launches VR Campus Tour Livestreaming Service

JERSEY CITY, N.J., March 1, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Campus 360, a virtual campus tour provider, launched a livestreaming service allowing universities to host guided tours from inside a virtual campus tour. The service allows universities to guide virtual visits live in a 360 degree media environment, rather than a webinar-style screenshare or a livestream filmed in a static location.

Campus 360, a brand of Sunrise International Education, is a virtual campus tour platform and software provider. Campus 360’s differs from VR tour SaaS providers in that allows universities to take a DIY approach in creating VR or mobile-enabled virtual campus tours, using in-house media and filming teams, rather than requiring third party filming. Campus 360 also is unique in that it gives universities ownership of the photos and videos that comprise a tour, its accessibility via mobile browsers rather than compulsory app downloads, and its mobile Augmented Reality self-guided campus tours which allow campus visitors to explore campus in person at their own pace.

Virtual guided campus tours are unique in that they allow tour guides to give presentations and narrations inside of a virtual tour itself, rather than channeling this media through a teleconferencing service like Zoom which causes connection bottlenecks, pixelated images, and lag. According to Campus 360 co-founder and producer of the Augmented World Expo Asia Conference Gavin Newton-Tanzer, “Guided virtual visits allow universities to most closely mirror the experience of a guided campus tour, despite travel and health restrictions caused by the pandemic. But more than that, we see tools like this as a way to democratize the campus tour experience for out-of-state and international students long into the future.”

Campus 360 Outreach Director Keating Sherry offered that, “While Campus 360 is happy to provide our premium services to universities, we also have basic free options that allow universities to try out virtual tours and get a feel for the process of giving a prospective information session through immersive media.”

Campus 360 plans to host virtual college fairs in partnership with government education authorities and Education USA in several countries in Asia.

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