CareFlash’s Careopolis & Kiddopolis Revolutionize “Whole Person” Workplace Culture with a Focus on Holistic Support

AUSTIN, Texas, June 4, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — In a groundbreaking initiative, Careopolis and Kiddopolis represent a paradigm shift that redefines workplace culture. Founded in 2005 by Jay Drayer, CareFlash offers Careopolis and Kiddopolis, innovative platforms spearheading a movement toward “whole person” employee empowerment. These platforms transform the way organizations empower employees and loved ones through life’s most challenging journeys. As organizations prioritize the holistic support of employees, these solutions stand at the forefront, fostering a culture of compassion, strength and resilience through the interconnectedness of personal and professional well-being.

“An organization’s culture is not its mission statement, the words on its website or the posters on its walls. Its culture is instead how its people feel on Sunday night,” remarks Jay Drayer, reflecting on his experiences within corporate cultures as an ex-CFO. Drayer’s journey began as he witnessed colleagues grappling with the strains of caregiving, often around ailing loved ones. These experiences laid the foundation for Careopolis and Kiddopolis, born from a deep understanding of the impacts of stress and caregiver burnout on employee engagement, workplace morale and overall well-being.

“Careopolis and Kiddopolis offer something truly unique and valuable to the transformation of workplace culture by prioritizing the holistic well-being of employees and loved ones,” adds Tom Cunningham, former Chief People Officer of Pariveda Solutions. “These online “caring community” platforms provide a space for families to collaborate and support one another through life’s challenging moments.”

Key features in both Careopolis and Kiddopolis are a collaboration calendar, interactive storytelling tools, 3-D medical animations, community blogs and photo/video sharing tools. Kiddopolis is set apart from Careopolis by its focus on challenges and joys surrounding maternity, pediatric illness and child development. By addressing the diverse needs of families, each solution ensures employees feel supported at every stage of their personal and professional journeys.

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Dr. Steve Paulson, Texas Oncology CEO adds, “beyond enhancing connections among loved ones, Careopolis and Kiddopolis exemplify Texas Oncology’s mission, core values and commitment to innovation by strengthening resilience and peace-of-mind. Caregiving is one of the biggest destroyers of workplace engagement and morale. Careopolis and Kiddopolis are important in empowering the “whole person” throughout journeys that accompany involved illnesses. Quality empowerment for our patients and their loved ones, and our team come first at Texas Oncology, and this longstanding collaboration elevates this commitment even higher.”

“Austin Regional Clinic has partnered with CareFlash since 2018 and we have been impressed by the growing numbers of families using the Careopolis tool and touched by their personal stories”, added Heidi Shalev, Austin Regional Clinic VP Marketing, Communications and Engagement. “The growth curve of the number of sites and number of engaged users, which now exceeds 240,000, reflects how much people find the tool helpful and even needed. We value the importance of keeping loved ones connected and supported through life’s most challenging circumstances.”

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Now into its 20th year, CareFlash offers solutions that empower organizations that place value on enhancing socialization, resilience and peace-of-mind. Likewise in strengthening employee engagement, community education/outreach, industry relations and competitive advantage. CareFlash’s partners range broadly throughout healthcare, hospice/palliative, senior living, payer, home-care, faith-based, funeral, employer and professional services organizations as in this diverse sample: Texas Oncology, Austin Regional Clinic, Halcyon Hospice, Rogue Prosthetics, Gaffney Funeral Homes and Pariveda Solutions.

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