Catch Cloud Joins Acuerdo to Bring the Future of Work to Life

DALLAS, Sept. 17, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Catch Cloud announced today that it is now an affiliate of Acuerdo, LLC. Following the disruptive event of COVID and the need for organizations to change every aspect of doing business going forward, Catch Cloud is joining ranks with other companies under the Acuerdo banner.

“We think you can agree that the world needs better conversations right now. The future of culture, brand, technology, and sales are more interrelated than they’ve ever been. It’s time for an agency who understands this and executes with precision. With this new Acuerdo affiliation, we are bringing the future of work to life,” says Kyle Burt, President at Catch Cloud.

Acuerdo is fundamentally changing the way businesses address reform in the wake of recent events, applying frameworks that reposition clients to be more productive, flexible, and resistant to change. In addition to thought leadership and deep consultancy, Acuerdo brings an In-network provider community of over 100 cloud technology companies, delivering choice, marketplace insights, engineering, and buying power to their clients.

“Pairing down platform selection, securing the enterprise, optimizing customer experience, all the while, reducing cash burn? It’s a tall order, which is why many are struggling in their reform efforts. At Acuerdo, we orchestrate, making the intricate complexities part of a well woven framework.” says Frank Rogers, CXO of Acuerdo. 

The new union will be on center stage at the upcoming ElevateIT Virtual conference on October 14th, as Frank Rogers and Kyle Burt drive the Future of Work pavilion. Through an all-day live podcast, they will head up thought leadership sessions and showcase native synergies between their in-network platform partners. “The combination of methodology and media, orchestration and governance, and platform power and human-centric engineering are the crucial differentiators that are attracting more and more of our clients. It’s disruptive, it’s game changing, and it’s unlike any other organization in existence today. With Acuerdo, it truly is the future of work,” Says Kyle Burt

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