CEO Roundtable Pittsburgh Founder Envisions Other Cities Following His Model

PITTSBURGH, Sept. 11, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — CEO peer advisory groups are not new. They have been in existence in Pittsburgh and in other cities for over 60 years. The idea is to bring together top leaders of organizations, usually once per month, to share ideas, help solve common organizational problems and support and learn from one another.

The membership of these groups is mostly siloed in that top leaders of for- profit businesses meet in their groups, while top leaders of non-profit organizations meet in their groups.

But if Stan Truskie, Ph.D. has anything to do with it, that will all change.  He founded CEO Roundtable Pittsburgh in May of 2019.  His vision is to bring together business and non-profit leaders working in unison to improve the social and economic environment of the communities they serve.

More specifically, the unique mission of CEO Roundtable Pittsburgh is to bring together Pittsburgh’s top leaders from the business and non-profit sectors to help one other; learn from one other; and work together to –

  1. Become better leaders
  2. Build successful organizations. And
  3. Contribute to the social and economic development of the Greater Pittsburgh Region

Truskie is a CEO executive coach based in Pittsburgh, and saw the need to bring together leaders from the private/public sectors. Throughout his 25-year career as an experience leadership expert, he has consulted in both sectors and noticed common leadership/business needs, problems, issues on both sides.

Plus, he saw the opportunity for common sharing/learning from each side that expands the knowledge and understanding of how business and non-profit leaders can work together for the common good of the greater Pittsburgh Region.

This past August marks one-year anniversary since the group started meeting and Truskie continue to recruit leaders to join the group from both sectors.  There is a nominal monthly fee for belonging to the group, and it varies depending on the organization’s ability to pay. 

Organizational size ranges from 30 to 500 employees and revenue from $10 to $600 million. There are currently have 12 members and the maximum membership will be 15 to maintain small group dynamics.

Truskie envisions starting 5-7 groups over the next few years.  He also believes this model will be followed in other major U.S. cities. The group meets one morning per month, 8:30 AM – 12 Noon, usually at the Pittsburgh Airport Marriott.

For more information visit the CEO Roundtable Pittsburgh website, or call 412-979-8146.

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Stan Truskie

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