CIMR’s Pathogen Scavenging Technology Sanitizes Air to Protect Against Virus Transmission and Other Indoor Air Quality Threats

BEAUMONT, Texas, Sept. 9, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Breathing safe fresh air is essential for healthy living, especially considering the majority of COVID-19 transmissions result from the aerosolization of the virus from coughing, sneezing and breathing. CIMR Tech, a provider of clean air defense solutions, helps to achieve a safe return to indoor spaces and drive economic recovery.

In July 2020, Auburn University’s McCrary Institute and Air University released a report proposing a “multi-layered air defense for critical infrastructure.” CIMR® (Continuous Infectious Microbial Reduction) Tech is critical in this air defense model by continuously sanitizing indoor air 24/7/365.

Its ‘pathogen scavenging technology’ is the only clean air solution that envelopes indoor occupants in a safe and effective low-dose hydrogen peroxide gas (.02ppm) to eliminate infectious threats. The technology is self-regulating and ozone-free.

“The hydrogen peroxide, ionization, and other technologies we are able to provide seek out these pathogens, attaches itself to them, and destroys them in real-time, creating what we call ‘Mighty Safe Air,'” said Alton Holt, Founder & CEO of CIMR Tech. Furthermore, it has been scientifically tested and experientially proven in hundreds of applications against viruses, bacteria, germs, mold and odors.

While wiping down surfaces and washing hands are important for reducing the spread of COVID-19, it does not address the issue of transmission through shared air indoors — but CIMR Tech does. Its innovative technology is able to shield occupants in a wide range of indoor spaces, so we can safely return to businesses, hospitals, schools and more.

About CIMR Tech
CIMR Tech is an industry leader in clean air defense, protecting indoor air against airborne threats. Since every building is unique, CIMR Tech offers tailored solutions for a variety of markets like commercial, residential, small business, healthcare and mold mitigation. Learn more about the company at


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