Clarity Counseling Center — Recipient of the 2021 Small Businesses of the Year Award!

WILMINGTON, N.C., Feb. 11, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — When it comes to therapy services, the ultimate reward is being able to provide people with much needed empathetic, loving support to help them deal with their day to day. Good therapy helps people move forward with their lives — and this is exactly what Clarity Counseling Center has done and keeps doing for their patients and the reason they received the North Carolina’s Small Businesses of the Year Award! For owner and one of the therapists at this wonderful company, Karin Kassab, it has been a pleasure and a life goal to provide the necessary assistance to the people of North Carolina and help them confront issues and trauma to improve their mental health.

For the therapist at Clarity Counseling Center, their patients are always their top priority. This is the key factor that placed this company in the radar for North Carolina’s Small Businesses of the Year Award — subsequently awarding them with the title. The outstanding efforts to keep growing and moving forward, made them surpass their expectations for the year, even through the tough challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Clarity Counseling Center is a therapy and counseling practice that focuses on helping teens, adolescents, and adults of all walks of life. They are LGBTQIA+ friendly and offer a safe space for everyone to be open, feel supported, and be heard. They help patients with anxiety, depression, grief and loss, trauma, gender affirmation therapy, substance abuse, millennial issues, and much more!

It’s no secret that the pandemic shook the world and affected a lot of people mentally and emotionally. However, thanks to outstanding businesses like Clarity Counseling Center, many of these individuals found a safe place to discuss their concerns, deal with their trauma and other mental health complications, and created healthy pathways and plans of action to allow them to move in the right direction.

In Wilmington, North Carolina, people have found a haven of understanding, acceptance, and care from the therapists and counselors at Clarity Counseling Center — a winner of the 2021 Small Businesses of the Year Award! If you are struggling with mental health, you feel that your life has taken a turn that you are not happy with, or are looking for a safe and caring place to open up, we invite you to contact the amazing specialists at Clarity Counseling Center to receive the help that you deserve.

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