ClauseMatch Launches Policy Portal Growing the Number of Users Up to 170,000

LONDON and NEW YORK, Feb. 9, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — ClauseMatch, the global regulatory technology company automating policy management and regulatory compliance at financial institutions and other regulated organizations, today officially announced the launch of its Policy Portal. After the first day of the soft launch of the ClauseMatch portal, the company saw the immediate adoption of the tool across all of the clients with the users of the portal growing from zero to almost 170,000.

The number of active users currently working on the ClauseMatch Policy Portal has reached hundreds of thousands within several weeks. The launch of the Portal has skyrocketed the popularity of the ClauseMatch platform among new and existing clients across various industries. The number of users is expected to reach 250,000 by the end of the first quarter and to witness more exponential growth of up to 1000,000 (1mln) users by Q4 2021.

Speaking about Policy Portal, Michael Rasmussen, GRC analyst from the US says: “In today’s dynamic and distributed work environment it is absolutely essential that organizations have a single portal for employees to access and interact with all of the organization’s policies. This portal needs to be highly intuitive and engaging to the employee and presents policies in their particular context in the organization.”

Anastasia Dokuchaeva, Head of Product at ClauseMatch, commented: “The current crisis has shown that consistency and a single view into policies is absolutely essential for any organization operating at any level. Across the world, new rules and regulations are constantly being introduced by financial regulators, and it has become even more complicated to stay on top of all of the changes communicating them to employees in a timely manner. Business continuity plans, disaster recovery policies are being updated almost weekly. Policies scattered in different templates, portals, are confusing and can be misunderstood. This may lead to a lack of awareness and compliance exposure. We’re absolutely happy to be of help to our clients introducing this product module as it provides a consolidated and comprehensive repository enabling a proactive approach to managing regulatory compliance. We’ll be enhancing the Portal functionality throughout this year.”

Policy Portal is designed to be a single real-time up-to-date repository of all disseminated policies and procedures across an organisation. It allows employees to access the policies from across the entire organisation at any time. Policy Portal lets you quickly communicate your latest updates, train staff more effectively, and easily track compliance. Moreover, it also allows you to compare updated documents to older versions, assess and audit compliance, and report the findings.

With a number of practical features such as attestation, reports, the ability to filter content on themes, powerful search, ability to provide feedback and viewing activity, the Policy Portal delivers an accessible, streamlined and interactive experience. It works on any device, it’s user-friendly and visually appealing.

Using Policy Portal, it is possible to create attestations with strict deadlines to enforce compliance, achieve greater visibility of compliance via the insights user actions (view, download, attested), make sure your documents are properly understood via Questions; store all your released documents in one place, compare old and new versions of released documents so you can easily identify what has changed.

Mark Korshakov, Portal Product Owner at ClauseMatch, commented: “It is a perfect momentum to launch Policy Portal. During 2020 many established communication channels were broken and hundreds of organizations faced problems with distributing information. Compliance was also hit hard. Launching our product, we establish a new way to communicate within the organization: we build one point of truth, we help to deliver messages across the company, we give the opportunity for employees to provide feedback, we track the usage of policies and work on whole compliance engagement. Every miscommunication could cause a serious compliance breach and that’s why every properly undelivered message or policy counts. And I believe that with Policy Portal we provide compliance managers with a powerful tool to cover their needs. We have also introduced a Mobile version so end-users can digest policy information on the run!”

Media contact:
Anna Antimiichuk

SOURCE ClauseMatch

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