CLD Partners Introduces PSQuote, a Newly-Developed CPQ Application Ready to Make Systems Simpler for Professional Services Firms

FRONT ROYAL, Va., Jan. 31, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — For years, quote-to-cash processes within the service industry have relied on ad-hoc, repetitive, and clunky spreadsheet-based systems. Teams have had to leverage myriad systems to build quotes and statements of work (SOWs), often manually, often multiple times weekly. While this might work, it’s too complex and slow, often requiring manual re-entry of data into multiple systems and spreadsheets/documents. These ad-hoc processes deliver suboptimal customer results. Offline Excel estimating/pricing spreadsheets & disconnected systems cause gaps in forecasting & resource demand planning that can hamper resource management and postpone billing cycles, making it harder to staff projects and recognize revenue appropriately. 

Now, with PSQuote, clients can take advantage of templates, on-platform automation, and key data insights. PSQuote, a services quoting and estimating tool built on the Salesforce platform, makes it possible for clients to bridge the services quoting gap between their CRM and PSA. As a result, clients will enjoy a more seamless quoting experience on the Salesforce platform, with automated PSA project creation from PSQuote, less redundant work, critical insights into their sales, faster time to quote, quote approvals, reporting & dashboards, and heightened efficiency all around.

For many organizations, getting this missing piece in place is a key component to realizing a fully automated quote to cash process. By linking up their CRM and PSA tools on platform, teams empower their organization to better tackle and actualize on their goals: 1) increase revenue 2) increase margin and 3) provide an exceptional customer experience. 

PSQuote is the result of years of experience. CLD Partners has produced professional services estimation tools that have helped enterprises from Amazon Web Services to Conga and Celerity realize greater capabilities. As Steve Clune, CEO, shares: "CLD’s PSQuote tool is based on 10+ years of experience helping our clients move the services-specific quoting process onto the Salesforce platform." 

By launching PSQuote, CLD Partners is on the leading edge of an emerging trend within the professional services industry. Now, clients no longer have to question if they can enjoy simplicity and accuracy in services quoting. Rather, with PSQuote, they can automate a wide range of service estimation utilities so they can spend their time building value for their companies. 

John Schuler, GM of PSQuote, comments: "This is just the beginning of PSQuote. We’ve dedicated the resources and have started this journey to close the gap between sales & delivery to make it the best-in-class services quoting solution for our clients."

PSQuote is available now—please visit

About CLD Partners
CLD Partners understands great software deserves a great implementation. We specialize in enterprise FinancialForce implementations and enterprise quote-to-cash solutions on Salesforce. Founded in 2010, CLD Partners has helped hundreds of clients in various industries with custom implementations. PSQuote is their latest tool, developed after years of custom development for individual clients.

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John Slonkosky