Coacharya’s Global Leadership Revolution: Notable Board Appointments and Strategic North American Expansion

Renowned Coaches Goldsmith and Hawkins Join Forces with Coacharya to Democratize Leadership Development Globally

LOS ANGELES, Nov. 29, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Coacharya, a global leader in organizational leadership development, welcomes esteemed leaders Marshall Goldsmith, Ph.D. and Peter Hawkins, Ph.D. to its Board of Advisors. The organization’s unique coaching approach, blending ancient wisdom with cutting-edge sciences, sparks individual growth and systemic transformations within corporate teams.

Goldsmith, a renowned executive coach and author, and Hawkins, a master systemic coach, professor, and researcher, bring unparalleled experience. Known for coaching over 1,000 CEOs, Goldsmith, and Hawkins, a leading expert in leadership and organizational learning, strengthen Coacharya’s position as a beacon of transformative coaching. Goldsmith and Hawkins fortify Coacharya’s expansion plans by infusing invaluable insights and expertise to help guide the organization’s growth initiatives, including its ambitious entry into the North American market.

Recognized as the premier choice for coach credentialing and corporate coaching in India, Coacharya now targets North America. With industry giants like Amazon and Daimler among its clientele, Coacharya stands at the forefront of leadership development, providing unparalleled coaching experiences that align with the strategic visions of global corporate leaders.

Coacharya is expanding its executive coaching services to the United States, enhancing its presence and collaboration with North American HR organizations. Thematic self-paced programs, tailored to the North American audience and enriched by AI capabilities, will provide invaluable resources for personal and professional growth.

With a vision for international growth, Coacharya aims to expand corporate programs and asynchronous learning, engaging with 50 global corporations, credentialing 10,000 learners by 2025. The organization’s systemic approach, incorporating AI, a spiritual foundation, and accessible coach training, reinforces its commitment to democratizing leadership development globally.

“Democratizing leadership development is not just a goal; it’s a commitment. With Dr. Goldsmith and Dr. Hawkins on board, Coacharya empowers individuals worldwide to unlock their full potential,” said Pranav Ramanathan, CEO of Coacharya.

Coacharya’s vision is reinforced by its accredited coach education programs used globally. With Goldsmith and Hawkins, Coacharya is positioned to impact the global landscape of leadership development, ensuring accessibility for everyone.

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Coacharya, a renowned leadership development firm, provides globally-recognized coach education services. Employed by leading organizations worldwide, Coacharya’s programs play a crucial role in cultivating effective leadership. The vision is to democratize leadership development, integrating models with ancient philosophy to foster ethical leadership.

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