College and COVID: Survey Reveals Pain and Persistence

LEDYARD, Conn., Feb. 1, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — The COVID-19 pandemic has had devastating effects on an entire generation of college students. This is according to two articles based on a survey that was developed and conducted by (GVC).

“COVID has shaken the entire higher education world,” said Julia McCaulley, GVC editor. “Everyone has been affected, from faculty and administration to current college students and high school students planning for college.”

One article delves into “How the COVID-19 Crisis is Affecting Students’ Mental Health.” View the article here: .

It’s based on the response of 176 students who responded to the survey.

Rates of depression have increased as students worry about finances and try to cope with isolation. “College is a time to socialize, meet new people, and explore yourself in relation to the world,” McCaulley said. “COVID has upended all that. Some students couldn’t even go home for the holidays.”

The topic of isolation frequently came up from the respondents. Comments about feeling alone, disconnected, and confined show that some respondents have developed an extreme sense of isolation, McCaulley said. “This is especially troublesome because college-aged students are already at high-risk for feelings of loneliness and depression. The pandemic has exacerbated that situation.”

COVID has given rise to other worries among students, such as concern about their loved ones, the return of in-person classes, and the ability to find employment after graduation.

On the positive side, some respondents found they have more time to focus on their physical and mental wellness. Some students are developing more concern for others. Many are finding ways to help people in need. Still, others say their interests are shifting toward careers focused on helping others and improving society.

“The pandemic has brought hardship and sacrifice to nearly everyone,” McCaulley said. “So it was heartening to see that some students found ways to see the positives in what the future might hold.”

The article “College Students Report Financial, Mental Health Challenges: GVC Covid Study 2021” looks at students’ concerns during the pandemic. View the article here: .

Just over half of respondents cited health and safety as their main concern. Students enrolled in college in the Spring of 2020 were forced to switch to online learning for a time. As some campuses around the country began to reopen, many of these students had to choose whether to return to school on-campus, take classes online, study in a hybrid format, or postpone their academic plans until the pandemic wanes.

Some students were concerned about their own exposure to the virus and the potential of spreading it to friends and family members.

The survey showed that a very high number of students gave a thumbs up for their school’s efforts to help keep them safe. More than 88.6% of respondents reported being satisfied with their college/university’s attempts to keep students safe amid the pandemic.

In terms of money, over 36% of survey respondents reported no financial impact due to the coronavirus. Roughly 26% of those surveyed reported some negative financial impact despite remaining employed during the global public health crisis. Just under 12% cited a significant effect resulting in a new job search. About 16% reported that the pandemic had disrupted their ability to attend school and maintain employment. Finally, about 10% of the respondents reported other financial impacts such as loss of housing and changes to other household members’ employment status, including parents and spouses.

McCaulley said is committed to ongoing coverage of the coronavirus pandemic, especially its impact on higher education and the effects of the global public health crisis on current students and college hopefuls.

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