Consolidated Analytics Acquires Real Info

SANTA ANA, Calif., Jan. 23, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Consolidated Analytics, Inc. (“CA”), a leading provider of innovative, technology-driven solutions to the mortgage industry, has acquired Real Info, Inc. (“Real Info”), a leader in property data and valuation technology solutions.

“This transaction underscores CA’s commitment to expanding our product offerings and strengthening our position as a strategic, value-driven client partner. The Real Info acquisition marks our fourth strategic move since inception, highlighting our dedication to growth and success,” said Chief Executive Officer Arvin Wijay.

The Real Info acquisition further expands CA’s suite of valuation solutions, offering clients enhanced tools to better predict market value and access a more comprehensive selection of collateral assessment products for more informed decision-making.

Benefits include:

  1. Expanded Product Line: The acquisition results in an expanded product line, combining Real Info’s suite of Automated Valuation Model products, i-ValĀ®, realAssessmentĀ®, and Q-ValĀ® product lines, providing a comprehensive suite of valuation products and services, from data and analytics to appraisals, BPOs, and a full array of valuation and review products.
  2. Enhanced Competitive Edge and Technological Solutions: The combined resources of CA and Real Info will provide cutting-edge analytics and technology for the most accurate determination of value.
  3. Expanded Client Base: Building on the success of both companies, this acquisition results in a broader client base, strengthening CA’s market presence and fueling ongoing innovation in valuation services.
  4. Cutting-Edge Analytics and Extensive Property Database: The acquisition positions CA as a leading provider of analytics, supported by access to one of the nation’s largest property databases.

Consolidated Analytics, in collaboration with Real Info’s founder, Jim Kirchmeyer, is committed to maintaining the highest service standards, fostering innovation, and prioritizing client satisfaction. “We are pleased that Real Info has joined Consolidated Analytics, bringing our products, services, and skilled team on board,” said Jim Kirchmeyer. “Bringing together advanced technologies and the robust capabilities of the team, we aim to make a meaningful impact with this collaboration.”

About Consolidated Analytics

Consolidated Analytics is a leading provider of innovative valuation and analytics solutions dedicated to delivering excellence in the real estate industry. With a commitment to cutting-edge technology and unparalleled client service, Consolidated Analytics empowers clients to make informed decisions in a rapidly evolving market.

About Real Info

Real Info is a leading provider of property data and valuation technology solutions. Real Info has established itself as a trusted partner in the real estate industry, focusing on delivering accurate and reliable information. Merging with Consolidated Analytics marks a strategic move to enhance capabilities and provide comprehensive solutions to clients.

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