Corporate Governance Leader Sherrin Ross Ingram Selected as a Director to Watch

Award Winning Strategy Advisor earns national distinction for exceptional governance and foresight

CHICAGO, April 9, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — The International Center for Strategic Planning (ICFSP) proudly announces that our CEO, Sherrin Ross Ingram, has been honored by Private Company Director Magazine as a “Director to Watch” for 2024. Ms. Ingram is known for blending her legal acumen and strategic consultancy to enrich boardrooms with diverse, cross-sector insights and innovative critical thinking. This acknowledgment is a testament to her exceptional track record of fostering sustainable growth, further highlighted by her recognition as a “Top 100 Women of Influence” and a “Top 100 under 50 Executive Leaders” by DiversityMBA Magazine.

The “Directors to Watch” list annually recognizes the exemplary leadership of private company directors, spotlighting those who have shown exceptional governance skills. Selected through a stringent nomination process, Ms. Ingram distinguishes herself within this elite group, which is known for its strategic impact and contributions. Her inclusion in this prestigious roster highlights her profound influence on corporate governance and her commitment to fostering innovation and continuous learning within board cultures.

“I am honored to join such an esteemed group of board directors,” said Ingram. “I believe in fostering a board culture rich in creativity, curiosity, and strategic foresight, emphasizing the importance of continuous learning. This approach is crucial for keeping pace with rapid market changes and technological advancements, enabling boards to drive industry transformation and set new standards. By embracing a culture of learning, we ensure our leadership remains agile and innovative, ready to navigate future challenges and opportunities.”

Ingram is also NACD Directorship Certified, certified in Private Company Governance from the Private Directors Association, and the creator of the Actionable Strategic Planning Framework®, which provides a holistic approach to developing actionable strategies and supporting strategy execution. She holds a law degree from the University of Iowa, a bachelor’s degree in Economics from Whittier College, and is licensed to practice law in Illinois. An international keynote speaker and author, Ingram has delivered over 1000 keynotes and workshops on strategy execution and leadership development.

Ms. Ingram is available for comment on these and other related topics:

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       Fostering Innovation within Board Cultures
       Sustainable Growth Strategies for Private Companies
       The Importance of Continuous Learning for Board Members
       Developing and Implementing Actionable Strategic Plans
       Diversity and Inclusion in Board Governance
       The Future of Corporate Governance
       Leadership Development and Strategy Execution
       Overcoming Biases in Strategic Planning
       Achievements and Recognition as a Woman in Leadership

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