CORSAIR M360 Selected as a Top 10 API Management Solutions Company for 2024

AUSTIN, Texas, June 4, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — CORSAIR M360, INC., a rising star in the API space, announces CIO Applications has selected Corsair M360 as a Top 10 API Management Solution for 2024. The innovative platform represents a significant leap forward in how businesses and developers manage and deploy APIs.

“We’re grateful for this recognition. Our commitment to innovation is set forth in our approach to tackling common industry challenges such as integration complexity, scalability issues, and cloud-provider lock-in,” says Rick Valdez, founder and CEO of CORSAIR M360, INC..

At the core of CORSAIR M360, INC.’s offering is a robust microservices framework. This framework enables engineers to create scalable, cloud-agnostic web applications, allowing developers to focus on core business logic. The result is rapid development, cost efficiency, and faster market deployment. Additionally, CORSAIR M360, INC.’s cloud-agnostic solutions support hybrid deployment and multi-tenancy from the outset, with compatibility across all web programming languages.

A key component of CORSAIR M360, INC.’s solution is the M360 API Gateway. This portable, multi-tenant gateway simplifies the integration of backend and frontend components, ensuring seamless connectivity regardless of the technologies used. It also enhances security with features such as traffic throttling, geo and device locking, role-based access control (RBAC), and OAuth 2.0, all configurable without coding.

CORSAIR M360, INC.’s smart API management philosophy is rooted in the belief that APIs are the foundational building blocks for modern software integration and development. The company offers a comprehensive suite of services to efficiently design, deploy, and manage APIs, ensuring seamless communication within the digital ecosystem. This includes rigorous API lifecycle management, versioning, security, thorough documentation, monitoring, and analytical insights.

A notable case study involves CORSAIR M360, INC.’s implementation of Umbraco Headless CMS for a non-profit organization, showcasing the platform’s flexibility and scalability in managing content across various digital touchpoints. The integration of the CORSAIR M360, INC. API management platform ensured secure and efficient communication between disparate systems.

CORSAIR M360, INC.’s suite of services and the M360 API Gateway exemplify the company’s vision of a digital ecosystem that is efficient, adaptable, and poised for growth and innovation. CORSAIR M360, INC. continues to empower clients to build superior digital products and scale operations effectively in today’s competitive landscape.

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CORSAIR M360, INC. is a pioneering company in the API space, dedicated to providing advanced solutions for seamless cloud integration. With a focus on innovation and client empowerment, CORSAIR M360, INC. helps businesses and developers navigate the complexities of modern digital ecosystems.

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