Created by Innovative Tech Leaders, FutureTech.NYC Seeks to Redefine Venture Capital

NEW YORK, March 2, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — FutureTech.NYC – a reimagined venture studio model focusing on hyper-accelerating the commercialization of next-gen technologies has the potential to shake up the VC industry.

FutureTech.NYC believes the current VC investment model doesn’t support the types of technology startups needed to take on our biggest problems. VCs today have moved to funding later rounds and are taking fewer early risks – stagnating the kind of big idea, research-driven solutions that we need today, for tomorrow.

The FutureTech.NYC team is strongly positioned to hyper-accelerate commercialization of deep tech companies approaching Series A. Here’s how:

  • In-house Venture Studio services for next-gen tech startups by revenue building
  • In-house Venture Fund to shorten the startup journey from lab to market to exit
  • In-house Industry Relations for pilots and partnerships with gov and enterprise partners

FutureTech.NYC Vision to capture a $9 trillion tech economy

The Venture Studio’s vision is to invest $1 Billion over the next 15 years in next-gen technology startups through a series of funds, in order to capture a significant share of the emerging $9 trillion global tech economy set to arrive by 2025. 

The first objective is to launch a global venture studio capable of hyper-accelerating commercialization. This directly feeds into an in-house fund: a $100 Million Fund focusing on the top 6 tech sectors where our corporate networks make acquisitions an achievable outcome.

Currently, the fifteen FutureTech.NYC portfolio companies include 6 high-tech verticals: AI, Cybersecurity, BioTech, HealthTech, IOT and AR/VR.

Competitive Advantage: Human Capital | The Team

FutureTech.NYC was developed by a powerhouse team that has been behind some of tech’s most notable initiatives and acquisitions in the public and private sectors in the last 10 years.

Cumulatively, the FutureTech.NYC team has championed global tech initiatives, forged enterprise partnerships, advised on government policy, and scaled hundreds of startups. They have generated over a billion dollars in revenue for tech startups and closed over $30 billion from acquisition deals with Google, Microsoft, IBM, Cisco and more.

Their expertise covers law, finance, marketing, international venture development:

  • Marcos Dinnerstein, formerly editor of Digital.NYC, and NYC tech ecosystem expert

  • Sharlene Seelal, former VP at JP Morgan Chase managed a $2 Billion portfolio, raised over $62 million in capital and current fund manager at Late Stage Management

  • Mark Gold, Award-winning managing director who managed a $450 million portfolio of early-stage companies, commercialized over 200 startups from 25 countries in 3 years, and is the current Tech Advisor to the Queens Borough President, Donovan Richards

  • Rhonda Binda, Attorney and Smart City expert. Former Deputy Director of Intergovernmental affairs at the U.S. State Department with strong government relations in over 30 countries

  • Zalman Kogan, Directed 40 business development teams across 35 countries. Generated over $1.5 Billion in revenue for portfolio companies

To learn more about FutureTech.NYC or any of the portfolio companies please contact Managing Partner Mark Gold at 212-920-9519 or