Creating a Better Environment for Remote Drug Testing Results

eRAMx Safeguards Drug Test Integrity with Features for Observation Quality

INDIANAPOLIS, March 12, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Innovations in remote drug testing technology are allowing observers to actively improve a testing environment, leading to clearer observations and higher validity in result interpretation.

Remote drug tests conducted with eRAMx Live Remote Drug Testing allow an observer to activate a donor’s flashlight, front camera and rear camera on demand. The feature was designed for virtual observations in remote, low-light settings such as darkened rooms or nighttime job sites.

“This technology puts our trained observers in the driver’s seat, allowing them to collect the information they need in real time to ensure test integrity,” Micro-Distributing COO, David Wilks, said. Micro-Distributing is a partnered MRO conducting live remote observations with eRAMx.

“When we can improve the environment the test is taken in, we minimize invalid result interpretations for our partners and their clients,” eRAMx Sr. Vice President, Jeff Milner, said.

With eRAMx technology, a trained observer may remotely control aspects of the donor’s smartphone during the secure observation window. They can activate the flashlight to augment the light in the room, allowing for a clearer observation. The light may also be used to actively check for “cheeking” during the drug test.

The observer may also activate the front or rear camera to enhance image resolution. On most devices, the rear camera is of higher quality than the front camera. Enabling the observer to choose which camera is used allows for higher resolution observations and, in turn, more accurate interpretations of the result.

Other eRAMx features include the optional use of two-way audio, two-way video, and geolocation data. All contribute to the facilitation of a clearer observation and the collection of more complete data.

“We have developed the most flexible and cost effective virtual drug testing platform in the industry today, while maintaining the integrity of each and every test performed,” Milner said. “Typically, a screening result can be interpreted and conveyed to our client in approximately 20 minutes.”

About eRAMx Live Remote Drug Testing
eRAMx delivers remote, professionally proctored oral fluid drug tests on demand, 24/7. Public and private sectors use eRAMx technology for speed-to-hire pre-employment, post-incident, for-cause and random drug testing needs. eRAMx partners with all MROs and background investigation companies, and is compatible with any drug testing kit or device.

Since 2010 eRAMx has been incorporated into full-service drug testing collections using Oral Fluid, (saliva), DNA, Hair, and Urine testing. The technology was awarded Patent No.: 8,617,066 B2 in December 2013 specific to an Automated Interactive Drug Testing System. The patent granted was the first of its kind awarded in the United States for live remote drug testing.

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