Dawn of Interactive Marketing: 3D Smart Brochures Take Center Stage

Technology Transforming Brochures into Interactive Experiences says Nexposai

MELBOURNE, Australia, Dec. 6, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — In a move set to redefine the customer engagement landscape, the latest innovation in product marketing has arrived – intelligent 3D brochures. These dynamic new tools bring a fresh perspective to traditional marketing materials, offering customers a hands-on, interactive experience like never before.

What Are Intelligent 3D Brochures?


Intelligent 3D Brochures are transforming the way consumers interact with products by bringing a real-life, three-dimensional product experience directly to their phones or tablets.

By scanning a QR code, these brochures offer an in-depth exploration of a product, combining the convenience of digital with the tangibility of physical reality.

Key Features:

  • Augmented Reality Visualization: Place and view virtual products in real-world settings for accurate spatial and aesthetic assessment.

  • AI-Product Assistant: Engage with an intelligent assistant for immediate, precise answers to product inquiries.

  • Direct Sales Team Connection: Seamlessly transition from virtual interaction to personal sales consultations, bridging the gap between digital convenience and human service.

video of the immersive customer experience is available from Nexposai.

Whilst smartphone users can try the incredible experience first-hand  via this demonstration.

“Interactive 3D brochures are not just a leap forward in technology; they are the gateway to a new dimension in customer engagement and a revolution in sales effectiveness,” stated Dave Chaffey, Founding Partner of Nexposai.

“They ignite a level of interaction that turns casual browsers into engaged prospects and prospects into satisfied customers, substantially amplifying sales potential compared to traditional print materials.”

Why This Innovation Matters

In the rapidly evolving digital marketplace, the ability to stand out and offer customers an engaging experience is paramount. Intelligent 3D brochures are set to revolutionize this space by providing a platform for immersive product discovery.

  • Enhanced Sales Funnel Efficiency: These brochures shorten the journey from initial curiosity to confident purchasing decisions.

  • Empowered Customers: With access to in-depth information and interactive visuals, customers can make informed choices with unprecedented clarity.

  • Future-Proof Marketing: This innovation places businesses at the forefront of the digital curve, providing a significant competitive edge.

Global Pilot Program

Nexposai was born from the vision to elevate marketing materials to the next level, seamlessly connecting the digital and human elements of the sales process.

With ready applications across various industries including retail, manufacturing, and healthcare, the company has commenced a Global Pilot Program, and invites forward-thinking companies to experience firsthand how intelligent 3D brochures can elevate their product showcasing. Participants will gain early access to this pioneering technology, providing them with a competitive edge in visualization, interaction, and sales conversion.

Additional information is available on the Nexposai website – visit www.nexposai.com.

About Nexposai:

Nexposai transforms static marketing materials into revolutionary experiences, masterfully integrating 3D visualization and AI-driven engagement to bridges the digital-human divide.

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