Denver Company Announces Plexiglass Barrier Alternative

ENGLEWOOD, Colo., Sept. 8, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Metro Screenworks offers a plexiglass barrier alternative that may have superior benefits. VirusGuard and AllergyGuard utilize NANOSCREEN™ filtration technology which has been successfully tested and verified to filter fine airborne particles including pollen, bacteria, and those carrying viruses. As a result, businesses and other organizations have options for the protection barriers they use for their spaces. VirusGuard barriers provide better airflow and visibility, while remaining low maintenance. Utilizing nanotechnology materials instead of plexiglass could enhance the health of employees and customers.

With the reopening of businesses, plexiglass barriers have been installed for the protection of employees and customers at front desks, registers, and other places of heavy customer and employee interaction. These barriers provide some protection against the coronavirus but can inhibit airflow. These barriers have also made it more difficult to communicate. Screen products that utilize nanotechnology could provide the same protection while helping to increase the health and safety of those in the vicinity.

NANOSCREEN™ Filtration technology is utilized in two products offered by Metro Screenworks: VirusGuard and AllergyGuard. VirusGuard is a fabric discussed by the company in recent press releases about VirusGuard and AllergyGuard, that can be used to create filter inserts for reusable fabric masks as well as create reusable masks.

AllergyGuard, however, is a screen mesh material that can be stretched over frames as it would be installed in window screens. In addition to its filtering properties, it offers superior strength compared to other screen products, withstanding forces of 487 Newtons with a puncture resistance well over 114. This means that barriers created from AllergyGuard are four-times stronger than high strength mesh and several times stronger than standard fiberglass mesh, and can withstand the wear-and-tear of being in a public space.

The barriers created from AllergyGuard would be designed to hang from the ceiling, would be easy-to-install, and could be adjusted to any length. Once again, compared to plexiglass barriers, barriers created using NANOSCREEN™ Filtration technology would increase the functionality of front desk teams and others in similar work stations. The Denver company offers online ordering, protected shipping methods, and can ship to any state.

Metro Screenworks is excited, not only about offering the materials to help businesses better protect their employees, but also partnering with them to create these barriers. The Denver company has already begun to work with businesses including corporate offices and more. Metro Screenworks sees many possibilities for implementing this technology in businesses and organizations that can help to stop the spread of the virus and ensure that employees and customers feel safe.

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About Metro Screenworks:
Metro Screenworks is a Denver-based company that has been in business for over 40 years and partners with the industry’s top brands. Recently, the company has begun to retail products with NANOSCREEN™ Filtration Technology that can not only provide benefits to homeowners, but also businesses owners and others in need of PPE and air-filtering products. To learn more and shop nanotechnology products, visit Metro

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